Free Direct Sales Tools

Title: Freebies for Direct SellersWho likes free printable planners and trackers? Free apps? Free direct selling goodies?

That’s right, you do!

I’ve collected this list of free stuff for direct sellers from around the internet. So, let’s get organized!

Direct Sales Tracker
Direct Sales TrackerThis is a simple and clean direct sales tracker for your parties, income and bookings. If you like to see your monthly progress on the one page, this is perfect!


My Goal
Are you striving for the next level in your career plan? Or perhaps you want to go on an incentive trip? You’ll need this fab goal-setting worksheet. You can set your monthly goals and then decide on monthly and weekly actions. It’s a great way to break down a goal into actions and the worksheet helps you to be accountable to yourself. Grab it here!

Mileage Trackers
If you can claim your mileage on taxes, you want to track your drives. Here are 3 free apps with great reviews:


Are you serious about customer relations? You might want to use myBeeHyve to track all your customers and the interactions. Up to 50 customers is completely free!



Want to keep track of your accounting? You can use Wave for free. It’s like Xero, powerful with plenty of features and easy to use. And did I mention free? Check it out here!

Pinterest: Freebies from around the internet for direct sellers!And a question for you: who’s using the My Consultant App? It’s an app made for party plan consultants or direct sellers and it looks like it’s free. I’ve never used it but I’m curious to hear your experiences….

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