Fuel your goals with Positive Prime

Title: Fuel your goals with Positive Prime

It’s rare that I’m genuinely excited by an app and that my mind is (almost) literally blown. But this one app is the single best tool I’ve ever used to accelerate my success.

My direct sales business increased from $4 million to over $17 million over the last year, and it’s partly due to this app.

It’s called ‘Positive Prime‘ and it’s all about transforming your mind and subsequently your habits and routines that work towards your goals. It’s backed by the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology and it works.

It actually works.

Move over vision boards – this app is so much more effective!

With Positive Prime you can fuel your business goals, personal or fitness goals, your mindset, uplift your mood and inspire creative or innovative thinking. With the app you prime your mind for change, for success and peak performance.

The app allows you to bypass your critical mind and let the messages sink into your subconscious, helping you to achieve faster change. Positive Prime offers different sessions to train your brain, and create powerful, self-fulfilling prophesies around your goals.

You can get started for free but I highly recommend you upgrade to a paid plan as soon as you can because you can then significantly amplify the effect of each session by personalizing it to you with images and personal statements for your specific goals.

When you personalize a session you include you own photos that are relevant, other images that resonate with that goal or make you feel good and inspire you. Adding that personalization increases your emotional response and engagement with the session.

Add fuel to your goals with Positive Prime

It’s like watching a movie and suddenly you’re given the starring role!

I’m wondering what direct sales goal you might want to achieve? Qualifying for a retreat or trip? Achieving the next career rank? Growing your team? Winning an award? Whatever your business goals are, Positive Prime can help you to stay motivated, to work smarter not harder, to be creative and innovative in how you go about achieving your goals, and to enjoy the journey as you go.

Added bonus: you can use it for personal goals too! Do you have fitness goals? Does the Pandemic have you down or feeling anxious? There are sessions for you to work with this too!

I’m currently using the app to help me focus on my fitness goals and to inspire peak performance before competing in Karate. I’m also using it to stay motivated in my business and inspire me to think outside of the box.

A quick snippet about my journey from stroke victim to champion & the role of Positive Prime in my life and my business

And I love each and every session, I always feel so uplifted and ready to get to it! I love it so much I’m literally jumping in my seat to share this with you.

So go check it out here.

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