Create Your Ultimate VisionBoard

The best way to achieve your direct sales goals is to keep them somewhere you’ll see them every day.

Seeing them will prompt you to visualize achieving your goals and in turn this will activate the creative powers of your subconscious mind to help you.

You might find that you’ll notice opportunities more easily, you might have more creative ideas for your business, you might find that you’re more focused every day.

The best way to achieve your direct sales goals is to keep them somewhere you’ll see them every day.

No, that’s not by magic…but by using your Reticular Activating System in your brain.

You can train this Reticular Activating System and that will help you to maintain your focus and use your subconscious mind to work on your goal with you (more in this article).

To keep your goals where you can see them every day, you can create a visionboard. And if you do it right, it might just be the the most valuable time you invest in your business all year!

I’ve got some (research-based) tips for you to ensure your visionboard is more than just a collection of wishes and pictures. Let’s create a visionboard that actually works.

4 Steps to creating the best traditional visionboard

Step 1 – Connect your vision to actions and feelings

It is vital that you connect your visionboard to action steps and plans.

Scroll down to sign-up for a printable that will help you to set goals but also to look forward and think about possible obstacles or difficulties.

Once you’ve identified likely obstacles, you can think about how to deal with them should they occur.

By thinking about this in advance, you prevent that a small set-back gets you off-track. Knowing that you can get back on track and the knowledge that small difficulties are normal, are the key to not losing that motivation and drive throughout the year.

Once you’ve set out your goals dealt with obstacles, you need to ‘cement’ them in your mind by attaching a feeling to the outcome. Imagine how you’ll feel once you’ve achieved each goal. Really feel it. Then write it down.

Now you’ve created a very powerful document for yourself so keep it close!

I recommend that you set goals for no more than 1 year ahead. If you set goals for further into the future it’s quite hard to connect the vision or goal with action steps.

Step 2 – Start creating

Vision board example
Example of a physical vision board.

Once you are clear on the goals, plans and feelings it’s time to create the actual visionboard!

Start by looking for pictures that represent your goals. You can use photographs, magazine cut-outs, or just Google the images you want.

I love using Pinterest to find images that resonate with me. Every year I create a secret board for my goals as a step to creating my vision board.

From the images you’ve collected, create a collage. I suggest making two, a physical collage to hang up in your office and a digital one.

Vision Board Collage
Example of a digital vision board.

For my office, I a stylish corkboard.

You can also put your visionboard somewhere more private. Some people have their vision board inside the door of a cupboard they access regularly, and this can work very well too.

For my digital visionboard I love to use a photo collage app. Once I finish creating it, I use it as a lock-screen image and screen saver on all my devices. This way I see it quite often throughout the day.

Jack Canfield warns that it’s important to keep your vision board neat. Avoid creating a cluttered or chaotic board because you don’t want to attract chaos in your life!

Step 3 – Add affirmations and quotes

Add motivational or affirmation words and inspirational quotes to your visionboard. Choose the ones that represent how you want to feel while you’re striving for your goal and when you achieve it.

Step 4 – Make time to review your vision board every day

Remember to take a few moments to review your vision board every day. Especially when you wake up or just before you go to bed!

You want to make sure that your vision board doesn’t just become ‘background noise’ in your life – so you need to make an effort to pay attention to it.

I would love to see your vision board too so please share it on the Direct Sales Inspiration Facebook page.

Vision boards on steroids

Now, if you want to take your vision board even further, check out the app Positive Prime. It combines the benefits of vision boards with the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology to make one awesomely powerful app!

It’s super fun, super convenient and it’s my new favorite way to help me stay on track and stay motivated. Read more here.

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