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Title: Get (more) Bookings from PartiesOnce you have been booked for a direct sales party, how do you keep the ball rolling? How do you get new party bookings from that party? And then from those parties?

Learning how to consistently get bookings from your parties will keep your business moving forward.

Early in my own direct selling career I decided I had to become very good at getting bookings from parties. The reason for this decision is actually a confession: I found it quite hard to get bookings in other ways!

By becoming really good at getting bookings from parties, I avoided having to make phone calls, which I found nerve wracking. Although I have long overcome those nerves, the skill to secure bookings from a party is super helpful.

So here are 4 tips to keep your diary full by getting more bookings at direct sales parties or events.

Booking Box / Rewards Display
Try to always create an attractive display of host rewards. I create a display with product rewards most of my hosts achieve at an average party. I put these products in a beautiful box and display it as an attractive gift.

Not only is it very enticing for people considering booking their own party, it also helps me when I forget to talk about host rewards. Someone in the party would inevitably ask about the beautiful gift box on display…

In fact, you can use that as a bit of a strategy. I don’t mention host rewards but at some point I ask the guests: “Who’s wondering about that box…” and then explain what’s in the box and how they can get this box for themselves.

Another variation is to add a sign to your beautiful display with something like “Get Me For Free” or “Save  30% On All This” depending on the type of rewards your company offers.

Pinterest ImageParty Bags
This is an idea I adapted from a tip in Mary Christensen’s book Be a Party Plan Superstar. I take 3 bright and pretty gift bags and matching colored tissue paper. In the bag I put my host pack (catalogs, invites, order forms, etc. ) as well as a little prize (usually a small product and/or samples) and a chocolate.  I put the tissue paper on top so it peeps out and looks enticing.

During the party I will mention a few times that the person who books their own party with me will get to take their very own party bag home as a gift.  I regularly have people jump up to grab a bag they’ve had their eye on because they look intriguing and enticing.

Sometimes I put little notes on the front of a bag with “Free Shopping Spree” or “More Fun” or “Pick Me“.

It’s not unusual that all 3 bags are taken during a party!

Star Dates
This is a strategy to help you not only secure extra bookings but also make sure the bookings are in your diary where you want them. I want bookings within 3 weeks to keep momentum in my business and to reduce cancellations.

Side note: if you book too far in advance, the hosts lose excitement and are more likely to cancel their booking with you. If the booking is in the near future, the host remains excited and likely to take action to organize their own party quickly, rather than forgetting about it.

To create Star Dates, print off a calendar for the month. Put star stickers on the dates you are seeking bookings. Try to have a variety of dates and days of the week for hosts to choose from. If someone books on a Star Date, they get a little gift.

I use very simple gifts but make them look very enticing. You can wrap up an inexpensive product with a small bottle of wine, chocolate or something like that. Use some cellophane and pretty ribbons to make it look attractive. I usually have 5 or 6 different gifts to choose from so there’s always something that appeals to potential hosts.

Wish Lists
At the start of your party, offer every guest a wish list and a catalog. I encourage them to write down the products they like and are considering purchasing as we go through the demonstration. At the end of the party when they put in their actual order, it gives me an opportunity to suggest that people with long wish lists host their own party to qualify for host rewards. I explain that hosting their own party is a great way to get free or discounted products.


These are 4 of my strategies. They work well for me and can work well for you too. As with every tip, you have to make it suit your company, your personal style and the event. Which one will you try at your next party?

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  1. Love these tips and ideas,
    I am a new Consulant, and will definitely use these tips, this weekend I gave organised a launch party with family and friends.
    Can I get this printed?

    1. Great to hear you’re going to apply these tips. Let me know how it went, I’m curious which ones work well for you 🙂 And feel free to print off this blog post, it should come up all right.

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