The Do’s and Don’ts for your Profile Picture

A profile picture on Facebook and other social media is prime real-estate for direct sellers. Don’t underestimate this aspect of your online presence because it’s small.

Unfortunately, I see so many terrible profile pictures – which means lots of direct sellers and party plan consultants waste this space.

Your profile pic is part of attraction marketing

Your profile picture is part of your attraction marketing strategy. After all, to stand out from all the other consultants you are marketing you as a person. Your aim is to draw people to you…not a sunset or your cat or your beautiful baby!

Even worse, I sometimes see direct sellers use their company logo or a picture of their favorite product. That just looks spammy and impersonal which is the very opposite of what you want.

Hot tips for great profile pictures for direct sellers

To attract people to your business online, they need to feel connected to you as a person. An easy way to help with that connection is to make sure you have a great profile photo.

That photo doesn’t need to be taken professionally, it just needs to be a good photo following the guidelines below:

  • Include your face and shoulders
  • No sunglasses
  • Show your teeth in your smile
  • Slightly (!) squint your eyes to make your smile more authentic
  • Dress well and take care with your hair and make-up

Research shows that a good profile picture helps people to see you as more like-able, competent and approachable – which is exactly what you want as direct seller.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Don’t have a picture of your cat, kids or company
  • Do have a good picture of you including your shoulders, well dressed with a smile that reaches your eyes

Not sure how to do this whole ‘attraction marketing’ thing? No fear, I’ve got you. Check out my Attraction Marketing for Direct Sellers course to learn how to set-up and manage Facebook pages and groups, and how to draw people to you instead of pushing them away with boring or spammy content.

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