Grow your direct sales biz with Pinterest

Title: Grow your direct sales biz with Pinterest

Did you know that Pinterest drives more traffic to original sources than Facebook and Twitter combined?

Facebook and Instagram want to keep you on their platform for as long as possible. In fact they ‘punish’ content that aims to take people off the platform to another website. They do this by not making those posts a priority in people’s feed.

Pinterest is different. Pinterest is designed to move people off the platform to websites because Pinterest is more search engine and less social media.

This makes Pinterest the perfect place to promote your business!

The unique pins that you create (using Canva, for example) can be used to drive people to your customer group on Facebook or to your website or blog.

I personally prefer to drive people to my customer group on Facebook because that’s where I build a lasting relationship with them.

Pinterest tips to promote your direct sales business

Descriptions with keywords
Make sure your pins have good descriptions that use keywords. Keywords are the words that you might use in a search if you were trying to find you or your products. However, don’t just list the keywords, remember that an actual person will be reading your description.

Don’t worry about followers
On Pinterest followers are not as important as on Facebook or Instagram. They do help to proof that you are legit and helpful when someone clicks through to your profile, but only a few people do that.

Remember that Pinterest is more about searching – people just want to find good content or the right product. If you provide good content (helpful blog posts, for example) then you will gather followers over time. People that follow you are more likely to see your pins in their Smartfeed.

Board titles matter
Board titles matter both to people and to the Pinterest algorithm. Don’t be too clever with your board titles, just be descriptive. You also want to be specific in your board titles. For example, it’s much better to name your board “Gluten-free Cake Recipes” than “Cake Recipes” or “Summer Make-Up Trends” rather than just “Make-up Trends“.

Pin regularly
Pinterest likes it when you pin regularly. Content of regular pinners is more likely to end up in people’s Smartfeed or search results than irregular pinners. If daily pinning is too difficult to maintain, you can use a scheduler such as Tailwind to help you out.

Use secret boards
I highly recommend that you use secret boards to collect ideas and inspiration for yourself. That’s where you keep everything that your don’t need your public ‘brand’ to show.

Grow your direct sales biz with Pinterest.

Promoted pins are the bomb
Promoted pins are the Pinterest equivalent of Boosted Posts on Facebook – but better. Once your Facebook ads are finished, they disappear from people’s feeds. This doesn’t happen with promoted pins because they are saved on people’s boards, they still appear in search results and they stay on your boards. They are also better than Facebook ads or boosted posts because it’s cheaper on Pinterest!

Pinterest is such an exciting platform for direct sellers that I highly recommend you start putting some effort there as part of your social media strategy.

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