Halloween Party Game

Title: Halloween Party Game

Themes are the best way to get (repeat) bookings because your events will always be different and never boring. (More on themes here.)

Halloween is a fabulous opportunity for a themed party. Here are some ideas:

  • For your display you can add some Halloween props.
  • You can also look at your product range, perhaps there certain products in your range that pair well with autumn or pumpkin, or black /orange and you can highlight those.
  • Buy some Halloween candy for little prizes for your games.
  • Play Halloween-themed games.

I usually go into ‘Halloween mode’ 2-3 weeks before Halloween and promote specific dates I have available for my annual Halloween events.

One of the things I love to do is to play Halloween games at my parties. And the Spooky Drawing Game is one of my faves because it always gets a good laugh.

Spooky Drawing Game

Pinterest: Spooky Drawing Game

This game is a drawing game and guests play it with their eyes closed as they follow your instructions (download below).

The game can be played at in-home or Zoom parties.

All you need is a pen and paper for each guest and a prize for the winner (and perhaps the ‘loser’).

There is a points system so it’s easy to pick a winner.

To play, all you need to do is read the drawing instructions. Make it fun and don’t go too fast, they need a chance to draw but also don’t go too slow because that makes it boring and annoying.

At the end you ask guests to open their eyes and show their drawings. This is generally very funny and you’ll get lots of laughs. To score, you read out the points for each element of the drawing. Guests add up the points and a winner is then declared.

I’ve got the instructions and point system prepared for you, just download them below by filling in the form.

Are you looking for more games to add to your stash? Check out the Ultimate Games Bundle for Direct Sellers. It comes with 26 done-for-you games for in-home and Facebook parties. Grab it now!

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