How I did it – Interview

My business would not be possible without Carrie Green’s Female Entrepreneur Association.

I started thinking about launching Direct Sales Inspiration when I was in hospital with my youngest daughter through her Leukemia journey. She’s in remission now and doing well but I spent so much time in hospital with her that I had plenty of time to think. And that’s when the idea for Direct Sales Inspiration was born.

I was then in the situation that I wanted to share my knowledge and experience but I had no idea how to go about it. I had a vision but I didn’t know how to make it into a reality.

The Female Entrepreneur Association helped me with that. Through their membership site I educated myself on all the things to spark my idea into an actual business. I learned about blogging, branding, Pinterest, creating printables, mailinglists and more.

And now I have the honor of being featured in the very first edition of the She Means Business magazine published by the Female Entrepreneur Association.

It’s so amazing to meet your heroes! I had the most delightful interview with Carrie, she’s so inspirational and positive. I was buzzing for hours afterwards!

If you want to read the magazine, it’s freely available here.

Update: The podcast version is now also live. Listen to it here.

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