How to gamify the recruiting process (and keep yourself in the game)

Sponsoring or recruiting new members to your direct sales team is the way to grow your business.

But many consultants find it hard to follow up with people who’ve shown an interest.

I certainly found it hard in the beginning!

I struggled with this for a while. I wanted to build my team and expand my business. I tried to make progress fast but procrastinated when I had leads. I found it hard to get a “no.” I didn’t make many follow-up calls and didn’t grow my team very much.

Sound familiar?

At some point, I decided I had to get better at following up. The way I did, it was to ‘gamify’ the process. I turned following up into a game with prizes. Who doesn’t like prizes?

How you can learn to enjoy follow-ups in your direct sales biz

First, I switched my focus from worrying about the results to my actions instead.

I started by rewarding myself with $2 in a spending jar for each follow-up phone call, regardless of the outcome. My goal was to get myself moving, overcome procrastination, and reward myself for the doing, not the result.

Once I made enough calls and earned a nice amount of $2 coins, I treated myself and my husband to a night out at the movies. We enjoyed a fabulous night at the Gold Class cinema because I had finally started making regular follow-up calls.

This first step, focusing on the actions and rewarding these actions, massively changed my attitude toward making these follow-up phone calls.

As a result, I started to make lots of calls. So when I happened to reward myself two weeks in a row with a cinema evening, my husband suggested I think of a cheaper reward.

I then moved on to jelly beans as I love jelly beans. I had a jar sitting on my desk, but I could only have one when I made a follow-up phone call.

I had to end that reward when I decided to clean up my eating habits.

So then, my teaching background came in handy, and I made myself a star chart. I put stars on a chart for every call I made, and I promised myself a nice treat when I filled up the chart! And that worked very well for me.

As you can see, I tried a few different reward systems, and they all worked.

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I quickly overcame my fear of follow-up calls, overcame that procrastination, and learned to enjoy every call for its own sake.

Don’t get me wrong. I still got lots of “no’s,” but I also started to recruit more than I had before just because I made the calls!

Of course, now that I was making more calls, I was getting more practice. And just by making more follow-up calls, I got better at it. So my success rate improved, and I noticed that I was getting fewer “no’s” to get each “yes.”

And all I did to achieve this was to gamify my follow-up process. As a result, I enjoyed my rewards and learned to enjoy the process.
This is why I want to encourage you to gamify your recruiting actions.

To help you with this, I’ve created a handy printable worksheet that you can use to encourage yourself to make those follow-up calls, which will lead to more practice and, eventually, a higher success rate.

Worksheet notes

Set yourself mini rewards for every ten calls you make. When you’ve earned five mini rewards, you have filled the sheet and can treat yourself to a bigger reward. Remember, the results do not matter – you get a reward for doing so you learn to love the process!

However, it’s still helpful to track your numbers. You’ll see that as you make more calls, you’ll get fewer “no’s” for each “yes.” Seeing such improvement is incredibly motivating.

Not to mention, once you know what your average number of “no’s” is per “yes,” you will become more motivated to make the next call to get closer to that “yes”!

Mini rewards could include indulging in a sumptuous bubble bath, watching a movie, or catching up with friends. Those things that you don’t usually take time to do but that you enjoy doing.

Once you fill out the worksheet, you can treat yourself to something bigger. Perhaps a dinner out, new clothes or shoes, champagne and chocolate, something for your home office, whatever motivates you.

It’s important to celebrate your efforts and your growth in your business. We tend to make it all about results, but to get the results, we need to put in the work, develop, and get better. Then the results will come.

I’d like to hear what you’re rewarding yourself with and how you’re going with the worksheet. Leave a comment below. Let’s build a stockpile of reward ideas!

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3 thoughts on “How to gamify the recruiting process (and keep yourself in the game)

  1. So simple and yet we don’t think about it. I hate calling people but just by breaking it down and rewarding myself it has a result at the end regardless of whether you get a yes or no

    Thanks again Christine, you are really inspiring

  2. Thank you so much Ms Christine for the awesome tidbits of inspiration! I’m a visual person so I’m going to try the ‘chore chart’ method! I did it when my kids were little lol! By reading just a few of your posts, I’m feeling more inspired to take action! ( even tho I’m sick with a cold at the moment and the fact that I’m ‘in transition ‘,/‘homeless ‘) so that’s saying a lot! I can’t wait to keep reading all you have to offer! Thank you again! God Bless!😘

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