How to get more pre-party orders

Title: How to get more pre-party orders in your direct sales business

This simple strategy will help you to power-up the results from your direct sales parties or demonstrations:

Give every host a sample box.

If you sell products such as skin care, make-up, candles, melts, food, or supplements you can easily put together a sample box.

(And if you sell other products, keep reading I have a tip for you too!)

In your sample box, you provide a trial size selection of your top 5 to 7 products for the host to pass around before the party.

You can buy inexpensive sample containers online and put together samples. Make sure you’ve labeled them appropriately and put them in a nice box or basket. There you go: you’ve created yourself a sample box!

If you sell products such as jewelry, clothing, cook ware or similar you can still make this strategy work for you.

Simply provide 3 to 5 of your top selling items to the host to show her friends before the party and collect them back at the party.

Set the expectation

When you give your host the sample box, set the expectation by saying something like: “My hosts love my sample baskets. On average they use it to gather 5 or 6 pre-party orders to give their party a big boost. Having something you can feel/try/smell really helps…you’ll be amazed how many orders you’ll get.”

This way the host understands the aim of the sample box and will try to achieve the average of several pre-party orders. And this will make the party more worthwhile for her and for you!

It’s helpful to provide the host with some ideas of where to take her sample basket. She could take it to her work, kids’ activities, her gym, send it with her partner to his work, etc. Also suggest that she meets with invited friends who can’t make it to the party so they can have a look at the sample box as well.

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Bonus tip: Agree on payment and delivery details with your host as you give her the sample box. That way she’ll be able to provide that information to her friends when they place an order. Also write this information on a card that you place inside the box.

Once the party is finished, you collect the sample box and restock it for next time.

I always have several sample boxes ready to go so I can provide them when a host books a party with me.

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