How to overcome: I don’t want to be salesy

Title: I don't want to be pushy

This is part 2 in the “How to Overcome” series that delves into how to deal with objections when you’re sponsoring or recruiting into your direct sales team.

People considering becoming a direct seller often worry about annoying their friends with their new business.

They don’t want to be pushy or too ‘salesy’ and they don’t know how you can be successful without annoying everybody.

Let me tell you right now: you can be wildly successful without annoying your family or friends. You can have a growing business without being pushy or salesy!

Check this video interview I did a while back with the fabulous Rochelle Nicole. You can see why she’s so successful can’t you?

She’s so passionate she just lights up when she talks about the products of her company. That’s a fantastic example of what you can tell your potential new team member (or even show her the video…)

(And if you liked this video, also check the interview with Rochelle on attraction marketing.  That interview explains very nicely how to do social media marketing without being spammy .)

You can also explain to your worried potential team member that:

  • Although they will start their journey with a handful or friends and family, the training and support are focused on helping to quickly move into new networks and people they don’t yet know.
  • A direct seller at a party creates a happy atmosphere so the guests have a great time.
  • A direct seller is also more like a product demonstrator than a salesperson; great products sell themselves.
  • You’re not looking for sales people to join your team, you’re looking for people who love the products and love to share them.
  • Their enthusiasm and passion for the products are more important than sales skills. Ask if they are willing to share the products with people in an authentic way. If they are honestly passionate about the products and the company, that passion will shine through when they’re talking about them. And that will sell products.
  • If they approach each conversation with a potential customer as a “fact finding mission” with a genuine desire to help them solve a problem, they will have happy customers that are excited to buy their products.

There really is no need to be the classic cliche of a salesy, pushy sleazebag salesperson. That is a myth and there are ways to sell authentically that are joyful, honest, and successful.

So go for your dreams!

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Recruiting or sponsoring can be scary… What do you say? How do you bring it up at a party? When someone shows an interest, how do you follow up without being pushy?

In over 8 Modules, the Recruiting Masterclass will teach what to say, what to display, what to play, how to find potential team members outside of parties, online recruiting events, how to overcome objections, how to warm up your leads, and how to follow up!

Recruiting is a skill that you can learn, even if you think you don’t have it in you!

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