How to use survey boxes to grow your direct sales biz

As a direct seller, it’s essential to have a constant flow of new leads.

One way to generate leads in new circles is to create a “survey box.”

Use a pretty box and a pretty prize.

I like to make the boxes where I collect completed surveys look pretty. I’ve found that the prettier and more eye-catching they are, the better they work!

I leave the survey box in a business for one week. I have a sign explaining when the parcel will be collected and that anyone who completes a survey will go in a lucky draw for a prize.

It works best if you can display the prize with the survey box.

The prize doesn’t have to be very expensive – if you’ve got a spare product, you could add some chocolates, wrap it all up in clear cellophane with a bow or ribbons, and it suddenly looks beautiful.

What do you ask in the survey?

How to use surveys to grow your direct sales business!

You’ll need to ask a few relevant questions about your business or field on the form. Don’t make it too long and difficult to fill in; it should not just be a raffle ticket.

The answers on the survey forms will give you a good starting point for a conversation when you follow up with people.

I’ve provided 2 example surveys you can grab by filling in the form below. One example is for a health or wellness product, and the other is for a beauty company.

You can swipe the examples for your business or use them as a starting point to create your own forms.

Where to put your survey boxes

Use a survey box to get new leads for your direct sales business.

I’ve found that gyms, restaurants, waiting rooms, local real estate agencies, and libraries are great places to leave survey boxes. The key to making it work is to offer a small ‘bribe’ to someone at the premises to keep an eye on it for you.

Perhaps you can ask friends or family to take a survey box to their work for a week? Create a few pretty survey boxes, post a photo on social media, and ask if anybody local is prepared to “host” a box for a week.

The survey box strategy is a numbers game. Many entrants won’t be interested in your business but want a prize. That’s fine. You’ll likely find that some locations yield nothing, but others will be a gold mine for new contacts. So get lots of boxes out there!

And then, of course, you follow up with everybody who’s filled in a survey! So check this article on how to make your follow-up strategy sing!

Bonus tip: post a photo of the winner with their prize on social media to increase your credibility and build social proof.

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