Inspire your team members to leadership

What actions do you take to inspire your team members to want to become leaders of their own team?

Below you find four tips you can implement to inspire your teamies to go for leadership. These four tips are part of my own leadership strategy and have worked well for me.

Attraction Marketing

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the methods you can use is ‘attraction marketing‘. You don’t only use attraction marketing to attract people to join your direct sales business, but you can also use it to attract people in your team to leadership!

Show your team the benefits of being a leader in your team’s Facebook Group. You can post about training or meetings you’re attending as a leader. With videos or photos show how much fun you’re having running training, attending events, etc.

You want to be that magnet that attracts people to want to be you and have fun, rise to challenges, and have that interesting life as a direct sales leader.

Encourage attendance at company events

Company events are a massive booster for anybody in the direct selling industry. It makes people more excited to be part of the brand, it builds your team as they get to know each other better and seeds the desire to grow in their business.

Part of why events are such a booster is the recognition. Being recognized at a regional or national event is super powerful – not just for the person being recognized but also for their peers. Seeing someone they know being recognized in a huge and public way will increase their desire to also be recognized.

Company events can turn an average consultant into someone who’s excited to build her business and move forward!

Check this article for tips on how to encourage your team to go to the next company event.

Personal Invitations to Leadership

Sometimes leaders forget how powerful they can be. It can mean so much to someone if you phone them up and tell them that you think they’d make a great team leader!

Look at your team and identify people who you believe are ready to strive for leadership (even if they don’t believe it themselves yet). Check this article for some tips on how to identify those teamies that are ready to move up.

Direct Sales Tip: Inspire your team members to leadership

Then make personal contact with them. When you tell them that you’ve noticed that they’ve been doing a great job, they know that their efforts matter and have been noticed. You give them recognition and then you encourage them towards leadership.

If they agree to start on the path to become a leader, you can work with them to get there. Check this article on coaching for some tips on how to do that!

Create a cohesive team

Part of leadership is creating a motivated and engaged team. And part of that is make everybody feel like their part of your community. In turn, your new leaders will want to create their own community!

Here are some quick tips:

  • Choose a team name
  • Choose a team color
  • Create a logo or team mascot

Use your team name and color in your team groups (like your Facebook Group). Use the logo or mascot occasionally and creatively.

Even if your team is small, do these things. It’s like dressing for the job you want rather than the job you have!

And of course, once a team member elevates to leadership they can choose their team name, their team color and mascot.

For most direct sellers this is immensely exciting and you can help to motivate your leadership candidates by encouraging them to choose a team name already and think about a team color.

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