Distributor of the Year!

I won the "Distributor of the Year" award

Last month I received the biggest honor of my career: I was chosen by the Australia’s direct sales association as the Distributor of the Year. And I received a gorgeous “abundance bowl” by Georg Jensen. But it’s of course more than just a bowl…

I was simultaneously proud and humbled by the award, which I received for sharing my passion in my personal business and through Direct Sales Inspiration and because I’ve become an advocate for several charities supporting families going through a cancer journey.

Direct Selling Australia said I “embody principles of the DSA Code of Practice”. This Code of Practice matters a lot to me – it’s this very Code of Practice that makes direct sales associations worldwide essential to the direct sales industry.

More than just a bowl: Feeling so honored and bursting with happiness!

Companies that join a direct sales association promise to abide by certain ethical principals. It’s one way that direct sales companies can show they are ethical, that they want the industry as a whole to succeed and that they treat consumers and consultants in the best way possible.

So this bowl is so meaningful to me. It’s currently sitting next to me as I’m writing this and I find myself looking over several times a day to gaze at it and feel pretty darn good. It reminds me of how amazing the direct sales industry is. When I got started over 16 years ago I never imagined it would be this awesome!

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