Overcome objections to booking parties

Have you ever been in a situation where you offered party guests a booking with you, but they had all kinds of reasons to turn you down?

Let me teach you some strategies to turn those objections into parties! Then, next time someone brings up why they can’t have a party, you’ll be ready to help them find a solution!

Many people are busy and worry that hosting a party would take too much time. To this person, I say something like: “Parties only take a couple of hours and are perfect for busy people who don’t want the hassle of going to the store! And besides, you get to catch up with friends at the same time.”

You can also offer an “express” party at the office during lunch or a Facebook party.

You can help this busy host to have a fun and successful party by making everything super easy for her!

Understandably, people don’t want to ‘double up’ on party plan parties! This is why you want to offer some different themes and have plenty of other games in your stash. That way, you can offer something fresh and new to repeat guests.

So you can say something like: “When you invite people, ask them to bring a friend. That way, the group is a little different, with some new people in the mix. We’ll also choose one of these fun themes that your friends haven’t seen before!”

In my many years in business, I’ve never found this a problem! So when I hear this objection, I say something like: “I prefer it that way! So many of my best parties are in small homes and offices. It seems more intimate.”

I then offer a ‘workshop style’ party and limit attendance to 5 or 6 people to ensure everybody gets personal attention and makes the most of the workshop.

Make sure you also help the hostess collect some orders before the party from people who can’t make it, so she has an excellent chance to earn host rewards.

The last objection I want to mention is this one that I sometimes hear: “I loved this party, but my friends may not be interested in something like this!”

I reassure this person that she only needs a few people to have a successful party. You can offer the same type of workshop-style party as above.

I say something like: “That’s fine, you only need a handful of people at your party. I like to keep my parties small, so I can give each guest personalized attention.”

Now that you have some solutions for these common objections, I’m sure you’ll book more parties! And if they don’t book with you, don’t take it personally. They may be all partied out.

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    1. I know, that’s a common one. First of all, most people saying that exaggerate. So when I talk to them about a ‘2 plus You’ type showing or party they’re usually up for that. All they have to do is make sure 2 friends come along and we do a very hands-on type event. I usually have good sales and loyalty from those!

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