Pay the Date – Direct Sales Booking Game

Title: Pay the Date - A direct sales booking idea

To have a successful month in your direct sales biz, you need to start the month strong. The more parties you have in the first 10 days of a month, the stronger your business will be!

The way this works is that from those early bookings, you’ll be able to book new parties in the same month and build momentum over the month. This, of course, benefits you with higher commission rates and more rewards.

I use the ‘Pay the Date’ booking incentive to front-load my month. It’s super easy to do and people love it!

How to get bookings with ‘Pay the Date’

You will need a few high value and desirable products as incentives. You offer those products to people who book a party. But the price they pay is the date.

If someone books a party on the 1st of the month, they pay $1. But if they book on the 16th they would pay $16 for that product. So it’s in their interest to book as early in the month as possible to get the best price.

Print off a monthly calendar and highlight your available dates within the first 10 days of the month to make it very clear that’s where you want them to book!

Pay the Date calendar example
An example of a ‘Pay the Date’ calendar. It’s very clear what they pay in the first 10 days of the month for the incentive item.

Keep the ball rolling with more bookings

From the parties early in the month, you want to encourage new bookings for later in that month.

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