Podcast Recommendations for direct sellers

Title: Podcast recommendations for direct sellers

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I love listening to podcasts. They’re a fabulous, free tool to help you grow in your business and life. They also help you to stay motivated and inspired.

Whenever I’m doing a ‘boring’ task like ironing or when I’m driving or running, I listen to a podcast to make the most of that time. That way I can fit professional development into pockets of my time throughout the week without having to make time for listening.

Here are three of my current favorites.

The Direct Sales Podcast

This is a great resource for your direct sales business. The host, Darius Chia (co-founder of Dough), has gathered an inspirational powerhouse of guests to interview. It’s an interesting collection of advice and training from the top leaders and coaches in the direct sales and party plan industry.

You’re bound to learn something new or get an interesting tip in every episode, even if you’ve been doing it for some time. Darius also gives you an insight into the person being interviewed at the end with a lightning round of questions.

The topics range from social media excellence to maintaining consistency and how to master the art of storytelling as part of your marketing.

You can listen to my interview here when Darius and I talked about ‘how to achieve your why‘.

Making the Leap

If you’ve been in the direct sales industry for a while, you might be familiar with Rachel Perry as part of the ‘The Tag Team’. She’s now on her own and still providing education for direct sellers and party plan consultants and is the host of the Making the Leap podcast.

In her podcast, Rachel shares her expertise, does live coaching and sometimes interviews other experts. Beginners as well as leaders in their business will find this podcast helpful and interesting.

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She Means Business

She Means Business isn’t a direct sales-specific podcast but it’s very inspirational. The host, Carrie Green, interviews successful entrepreneurs (mostly women) from a range of industries. The stories are varied, interesting and often inspirational.

In some episodes Carries shares her own business expertise. I often find that the advice is relevant to my business in some way, even if the industry is completely different.

I was honored to be interviewed by Carrie myself, you can listen to that episode here.

So, over to you: what are your favorite business podcasts?

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