Podcast Review for Direct Sellers

Title: Podcast Review

Sometimes we just need a shot of pure inspiration and motivation to get us going.

The direct sales industry can be like a roller-coaster….sometimes you’re on your way up, up, up – then you go down, down, down!

I’ve found it’s best not to wait for the next ‘down’ to seek inspiration and motivation, but to keep it up as a regular practice.

I make it a habit to stay in the ‘zone’ with a regular dose of podcast  goodness. During the times when I’m not feeling it, when I’m a little flat, I seek out more episodes but I always have something on the go.

So let’s have a look at 3 of my faves.

The Mind Aware Show – Dana Wilde

Dana has had a very successful direct sales business in the past so her expertise is very relevant. Although the podcast doesn’t cater exclusively to us direct sellers, it’s always interesting and useful.

Some episodes are completely her own content but she also does interviews with successful people who talk about something that’s relevant to business or personal development.

The focus of The Mind Aware Show is “mindset” and how to stay positive. I firmly believe that success in the direct selling industry comes 80% from mindset and 20% from skills, knowledge, and execution. And this podcast helps you with that 80%, so add it to your playlist today!

Happy woman listening to podcast.
Direct Sales Social Marketing with Sassy Suite – Sassy Suite

This conversational podcast is both entertaining and incredibly useful. The hosts usually interview someone of interest within the industry. The primary focus is on social media marketing for direct sellers but they also discuss other areas related to direct selling.

The episodes are short, easy to listen to and full of great tips. This podcast helps you to develop that 20%!

The Lucky Bitch – Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise Duffield-Thomas is passionate about helping women remove their mental money blocks so they can achieve outrageous success. She talks about the law of attraction and practical ways to use it in your life. She regularly interviews other inspirational women as well.

What I love about The Lucky Bitch is that Denise keeps it real. She’s down to earth despite her international success and multi-million dollar income.

I feel like I can really connect with what she says. Sometimes it’s even like she’s reading my mind! The fact that she has an Australian accent and happens to live in my hometown of course doesn’t hurt either .

(But if you’re not Australian, don’t hold that against her! Most of her fans are American – they love her over there just as much as we do here.)

If you want practical, down to earth advice on achieving massive success in your life, pop this podcast on your playlist.

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