Seal the Deal

Title: How to Seal the DealHow to Seal the Deal

When someone has shown interest in joining your direct sales team and you’ve already overcome their objections, you’ll want to “seal the deal” and actually sign them up to the business.

How do you do that?

No Coffee & Chat

Many direct sellers invite people interested in joining for a ‘coffee and chat’ to do that.

I don’t.

Up to about 12 years ago I used to invite prospects for a coffee and chat but it didn’t work very well for me. Here’s why:

  • In the beginning of my direct sales career I would get so passionate about the business that I’d suddenly develop a massive case of ‘verbal diarrhea’ and scare people away with information overload.
  • I found it difficult to schedule time to meet in person for a coffee. At the time I was working in a full-time job, running my direct sales business and studying for my masters degree. Then when I stopped working in a job and focused completely on my business, I had young children. Trying to find time for a coffee (working around naps and babysitters) was a nightmare. Interestingly, when I did meet them for coffee and a chat (and I kept the verbal diarrhea in check), I often had them signed up before the coffee even arrived.
  • Sometimes scheduling was a such a nightmare that by the time we finally managed to catch up they’d lost interest and turned up out of politeness – if they turned up at all.
  • Although the ‘coffee and a chat’ is billed as a low-pressure and casual event, many prospects still feel pressured. You’ve bought them a coffee and they know you have given up your time especially to meet them….to talk to them about joining a business. I found that some people struggled with the situation and weren’t comfortable.

So very early on in my career I decided that if I was going to be successful I would have to find a way to ‘seal the deal’ without ‘coffees and chats’ with each and every potential  team member.

I decided to either sign people up on the spot at a party / event or over the phone. And that’s what I still do.

I’ve used a range of strategies to do this and I’ll talk you through the ones that have worked well for me.

Strategies to Seal the Deal

Don’t be attached to the outcome
Be relaxed about the outcome of your talk with them. If potential new team members don’t feel pressured to join your party plan business, they’re more likely to give it a try. In other words: Don’t be needy!

Use a structured approach
I use the C.O.D.D approach at every party and event.  C.O.D.D. stands for Compliment, Objective, Disclaimer, Date. This is a way to structure your talk to someone who has shown interest. To learn how to use the C.O.D.D. approach, read this.

To seal the deal after using C.O.D.D I’ll say something like: “Shall we go ahead and order your starter kit?” or “Let’s work out a date for your starter party – give it a go, you’ve got nothing to lose!”

Find out how ready they are
Ask the potential new team member: On a scale from 1 to 10, where are you at the moment? With 1 being “I’m ready to run away screaming” (this usually gets a chuckle) and 10 being “Yes! Sign me up, I can’t wait to get started!

Few people are actually at a 10 but it’s a good way to find  out what is stopping them from signing up. For example, if they say they’re a 7 you can ask them: “What’s stopping you from being a 10? I might be able to help with that.

And people who are at a 6 or lower are probably not going to join your team. That’s fine (remember that you’re not attached to the outcome). You can keep these interested people as a VIP customer or host.

Pillow test
If potential recruits don’t commit while you’re talking to them, use the ‘Pillow Test’ technique. I say something like: “Let’s give it the pillow test – if you find yourself thinking about the business tonight when you go to sleep, you know it’s definitely for you. Then you should definitely jump in and give it a try!

The next morning, follow up with a call to ask if they did think about it.

One of the reasons this technique works is because you’ve  suggested to them that they will think about it tonight as they are going to sleep. Not to mention, that’s what many of us do anyway, we think about our day as we’re drifting off.

And now you’ve suggested that this means something, namely that this opportunity is great for them.

As a bonus it gives you a great opening for your follow-up phone call the next day.

These are the things that work for me. I’m really curious what works for you in your business. Please leave a comment below and tell us what you do to ‘seal the deal’.

If you’re interested in learning more about the recruiting process before this final ‘seal the deal’ step, check out my free Recruiting Mini Course. Hit the button below to sign-up – no credit card required.

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