The 1 mistake you don’t want to make on social media

My cringe muscles are getting sore…because I cringe every time I’m on social media and see the one big mistake so many direct sellers make.

I’m sure you’ve seen it too…and maybe you’ve even done it yourself in the past: product dumping and constant begging for parties or recruits.

Posting product image after product image on social media and expecting friends and family to buy them doesn’t work.

I’d be surprised if people even read those posts!

To make matters worse, some of these ‘product dumpers’ use generic company images and descriptions, so the Facebook algorithm doesn’t think that’s unique content and won’t show it to many people at all.

(If you want to understand the Facebook algorithm better so your posts get seen more, just click the explainer below).

An algorithm is a formula or set of steps to achieve something or solve a problem. In Facebook, the algorithm decides what to show you in your newsfeed and in which order. Everybody’s newsfeed is different because the algorithm takes your own behavior as well as other bits of information into account.

So when you open Facebook, the algorithm looks at all the stories posted by your friends and by the pages and groups that you follow. The algorithm then looks at things like who posted the story and how often they publish, any negative feedback on that author, what engagement stories already have (the more engagement they have the more likely it is that you’ll see it in your feed), if a friend has already commented, and much more.

The Facebook algorithm uses all that information to make some predictions, such as how likely you are to click on a story, watch a video, share a story, etc. This helps the algorithm decide what to show you in your newsfeed and in which order.

So you want the algorithm to like you to get shown in other people’s newsfeeds. How do you get the algorithm to like you? There are some general recommendations:

  • Complete your Facebook profile.
  • Publish regularly.
  • Create content that likely to elicit positive feedback from your audience (positive comments, likes, or reactions. Reactions affect post ranking slightly more than likes). But do not ask for shares or likes – this is frowned upon by the algorithm.
  • When you want to post a video, use Facebook Live or upload videos to Facebook directly instead of linking to YouTube videos.
  • Post content that’s informative and shareable.
  • Post content that your audience will spend some time on – for example videos.
  • Post unique content – so no pics or posts copied from your company.

In addition to product dumping, I see plenty ‘general announcement posts’ . The kind that says “I just started with XYZ Company, let me know if you’d like a party”.

And these direct sellers will tell you they’ve “asked everyone” to host a launch party and wonder why their business never really gets off the ground. (If you want to do a great launch, check this article instead).

How to do it well

Social media is all about…well…being social. As a direct seller you’re in the relationship business so you want to build lasting relationships online.

Here are a few things to consider:

Your Business Page or Account

This is an important asset for your business. It’s like an old fashioned Yellow Pages ad.

Google will index your Facebook business page so if people search for you they can find your page. Additionally, if your company allows paid advertising you can do that through your business page or account.

And while this page is separate from your personal page, you do need to show a little of your personality and what sets you apart from other consultants! It’s important to develop your own ‘voice’ and style on that page to attract people.

A business page is vital, but it’s only part of your attraction marketing strategy.

Your Customer or VIP Group

This is where the action is! You want to create lots of activity and engagement in your group and nurture those relationships with your customers and/or hosts.

Your group is more intimate and personal than your business page so you can be a little more personal there. I recommend lots of video content for your group – preferably live video to really build those personal connections (and so the Facebook Algorithm will favor your content).

Your Personal Profile

You can use your personal page or account to talk up your business – but you’ve got to do it well!

You don’t want to post constantly about how amazing your business or your products are. It doesn’t matter how much your business has changed your life for the better, if you post about it a lot you’ll end up annoying people.

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On the flip side, if someone scrolls through your last 10 posts or so and doesn’t see anything about your business at all you’ve missed an opportunity.

Every now and then talk about your business from a personal angle, after all it’s part of your life. The other thing you want to do is to include a link to your business page in your profile (not to your company’s page, to yours!).

So what do you post?

So if you don’t want to be product dumping or endlessly beg for parties, what do you post?

I have a nice freebie for you I created a while back: a list of 50 social media post ideas specifically for direct sellers. You can get it here. You can use these ideas again and again, creating some fun interesting content that isn’t all about sales or recruiting.

On top of that, I’ve created a calendar for 2021 with awareness days including some ideas of what to post to make the most of that day on your business page. Fill out the form below to receive that freebie now.

Between these two printables you’ll have enough ideas to keep you going all year and attract people to you like a magnet, rather than push them away with spammy or boring content.

And in between these fun and informative posts, you post something about your business, your products and your parties.

If you want to learn more about how to rock your Facebook business pages and your Facebook groups, check out the Attraction Marketing Course.

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