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Title: 50 Social Media Post Ideas50 Social Media Post Ideas

Wondering what to post on your business social media page today? We’ve got you covered with 50 (!) ideas that you can use.

Our checklist contains ideas for direct sellers that practice attraction marketing  (a way of marketing on social media without being spammy) and can be used again and again.

The aim of this list is to help you make your business pages unique and interesting.

Boooooring Facebook Pages

I see so many direct sales pages that are boring because they only contain the company’s branded content and only talk about the company or the products.

These types of pages don’t get much attention. Not only is it not interesting for fans or followers, but Facebook’s algorithm won’t rate them highly either. So these pages get buried at the bottom of the feed, if shown at all.

An algorithm is a formula or set of steps to achieve something or solve a problem. In Facebook, the algorithm decides what to show you in your newsfeed and in which order. Everybody’s newsfeed is different because the algorithm takes your own behavior as well as other bits of information into account.

So when you open Facebook, the algorithm looks at all the stories posted by your friends and by the pages that you follow. The algorithm then looks at things like who posted the story and how often they publish, any negative feedback on that author, what time it is now, what device you’re on, what engagement stories already have (the more engagement they have the more likely it is that you’ll see it in your feed), if a friend has already commented, and much more.

The Facebook algorithm uses all that information to make some predictions, such as how likely you are to click on a story, watch a video, share a story, etc. This helps the algorithm decide what to show you in your newsfeed and in what order.

How do you get the algorithm to like you? There are some general recommendations:

  • Complete your Facebook profile.
  • Publish regularly.
  • Create content likely to elicit positive feedback from your audience (positive comments, likes, or reactions. Reactions affect post ranking slightly more than likes). But do not ask for shares or likes – this is frowned upon by the algorithm.
  • When you want to post a video use Facebook Live or upload videos to Facebook directly instead of linking to YouTube.
  • Publish content that promotes engagement and an investment of time from your audience (video content is great for that).
  • Post content that’s informative and shareable.

Posts with Personality

Facebook, and most importantly your fans, like to see real content.

Content with personality, content that’s interesting, content with useful resources or tips, content that’s unique.

This is why you want to create your own unique images and not just re-use the company’s branded content. Facebook will rank images that are used by lots of people lower than unique content.

And when you have plenty of interesting and unique content on your business page, you’re ranked well by Facebook. When that happens, Facebook is more likely to show your followers any branded content when you do share a company video or image.


A handy rule of thumb for what to post is the “9-1-1” rule. Out of every 11 posts, you post 9 unique and interesting bits of content, one promotional post (perhaps provided by your company) and one personal post.

The personal post will give your fans an insight into who you are, why you do what you do, and an insight to your life (eg. family, study, other work, hobbies, interests, talents, pets). This helps your fans and customers to relate to you as a person. You are, after all,  in the relationship business. People buy from you, not from a faceless company.

The downloadable list provides you with ideas for each post type.

I view my Facebook business page as a Yellow Pages advertisement for the 21st century. It’s important to stand out from the crowd, to be unique, and to be authentically you. When you do that, you will attract your ideal customers and fans and build on the relationships you already have.

I generate quite a lot of new and repeat business from my Facebook page. If you follow these tips and use the downloadable list to get you started, you can too!

Downloadable: 50 Social Media Post Ideas
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