Choctober Theme

Almost everyone loves chocolate.

I love a good bit of chocolate, but I love “Choctober” even more. Choctober is my secret weapon to fill the October month with parties.

And the best part is that the Choctober theme works with almost any direct sales business. That, and chocolate, of course.

I want to fill my October month with parties to set myself up for a profitable holiday trade.

Run your own Choctober month

I promote special chocolate dates for October, where anyone who books a party on those particular dates will receive a box of chocolates from me as a special gift.

That way I can control my diary to suit me.

I take 3 or 4 varieties of gift boxes with chocolates to my parties, so there’s bound to be at least one that appeals to the guests.

I also promote Choctober in my VIP customer groups through Facebook Live.

Online promotion tip: Show only 1 box of chocolates each variety (3-4 in total) and make clear that when they're gone, they're gone! You want to create a little bit of urgency and a sense of scarcity to nudge people to act. 

(I've created some tiles and a Facebook cover image for you too to help you promote Choctober, download them below.)

Now you have your booking incentive all set, but the fun doesn’t stop there!

Choctober Themed Parties

I recommend you add a chocolate flavor to your parties by running the Chocolate Game. I’ve explained how to play the game here

Using the Chocolate Extravaganza game, you can also incorporate chocolate into your host coaching. Check the article on how to play and grab the free printables  here

Be a Smarty, book a Party

Finally, I also use Smarties to promote my parties. I’ve created these cute Smartie packs by printing up a bunch of stickers (I used the ‘address label’ size on VistaPrint) and putting them on little Smartie boxes.

I hand them out at parties as prizes, pop them in the delivery bags or use them as an alternative to my business card during Choctober. People are always excited to receive them, and they work well with the Choctober theme.

With these tips, you can run a fabulous Choctober and set yourself up for a sensational peak season. However, some direct sellers can make Choctober even bigger and better with these ideas:

  • If you sell cooking products, you could demonstrate chocolate-related dishes.Choctober Pinterest Image
  • If your company has brown-colored products (think make-up, nail products, clothing, etc.), you can highlight those products during Choctober.
  • If your product range includes products with a scent, you could highlight scents that you could relate back to chocolate (mint, orange, caramel, etc.).

I just love Choctober because I’m already getting excited about peak trade, and this way, I get a running start!

Are you looking for games? Have a look at the Ultimate Games Bundle for Direct Sellers. It comes with 26 done-for-you games for in-home and Facebook parties. Check it out now.

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