3 Things That Stop a Team from Growing

How is your direct selling team doing? Is your team growing?

If you are working hard, but your team is not growing, and you feel like you’re not getting ahead, one of these three things might be holding you back.

1) Your team’s focus depends on your focus!

If your goal is to increase the size of your team, but you only mention sponsoring once at the start of the month, you’re not likely to inspire any growth.

To keep the team focused on sponsoring, you can offer regular training on sponsoring. Make sure you use a variety of training options such as Facebook Live, Zoom, webinars, or face-to-face sessions to cater to all your team members.

Another idea is to post regular tips in your team’s Facebook group to remind your team of the techniques that work and to keep them focused on sponsoring.

Also, create exciting recognition for team members that do recruit. You could feature them in a “My Story” section in a newsletter or on Facebook, you can create beautiful awards, can send postcards in the mail for a personal touch, can hold a Facebook Live, and shine a spotlight on all your high achievers. 

What you recognize gets repeated, so you want to make a big deal of recruiting.

2) Discipline is a required trait for success!
This is not negotiable. If you’re inconsistent, your team will likely be inconsistent too.

For example, if you say you’re going to do a weekly recognition, but you only manage to do it once or twice a month, you won’t inspire your team.

Learn about 3 things that you might be doing that's slowing your direct sales team growth down.

Another example is canceling meetings. It’s understandable that you might want to cancel meetings or training sessions due to low numbers. But don’t do it! If your team expects meetings or training sessions to be canceled, why would they set aside the time to attend?

When I was establishing a team in a new area, I drove nearly 4 hours each way to run meetings and training sessions. I did this for two years. I regularly turned up to fewer than five people. But I ran my meetings and training sessions anyway and did the best I could for my small audience. Over time the numbers increased, and I built a strong team and fabulous leaders.

Whether you’re running face-to-face or online meetings, you might have to live with low attendance for a while. But if you persist and you are consistent, it will pay off.

3) Don’t just build a team. Build a community!
Is there a sense of community in your direct sales team? Grab the printable below to assess how your team is doing in terms of community.

If your team members feel connected and made welcome in your team, they’re more likely to stay and more likely to participate in challenges, training, meetings, etc. The more they participate and the happier they are with their direct sales tribe, the better they’ll perform.


You will attract more team members if you are focused and consistent and build your team into a warm community!

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2 thoughts on “3 Things That Stop a Team from Growing

  1. Hi Christine, I love that you drove 4 hrs each way to run meetings for your team and showed the value of persistence and caring. It has resonated with me lately and makes me so aware the value of having face to face meetings with those who can make it and now with technology have other team members join in and interact live,

    Keep up the amazing work that you do,

    1. Hi Kathy, Thanks for your comment! Yes, it was a bit of a drive but it did pay off and helped to create a beautiful team. I love using technology now but I still see value in face-to-face too. Keep going for your dreams lovely 🙂

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