Use Engagement Posts to Boost Your Facebook Success

Title: Use engagement posts to boost Facebook success

I know it feels good to focus on the likes that your Facebook posts get, but engagement is far more important.

Engagement includes the comments, the reactions, shares, clicks as well as the likes.

Facebook wants you to focus on connection, education and entertainment and will prioritize posts that way.

The algorithm is designed to customize to each individual, meaning your newsfeed is curated to be so unique for you that’s almost like a fingerprint.

The more people engage with your posts, the better because that’s training the algorithm that they want to see your content and encourages Facebook to show your posts to more people’s newsfeeds.

So, the all important question is ‘How do you encourage engagement with your posts?’

How to encourage engagement with your Facebook posts

1. Live Video
This is the ultimate way to boost engagement because you can interact in real-time. The Facebook algorithm loves Live videos and gives great priority to them in people’s newsfeeds. I have some ideas for your Lives here.

2. Engagement Posts
These types of posts encourage interaction by asking a question. Often it asks people to choose between 2 options (‘this or that’) or an opinion on something thought-provoking. The posts are not salesy, the purpose it to remind your customers that you exist and to entertain a little.

Be social and positive

Make sure you respond to any comments and try to keep the conversation going. Responding makes people feel good and seen and it shows the algorithm that the post is popular.

Boost engagement on Facebook

I’ve always run my business with the philosophy that people might not remember what you said but they’ll remember how you made them feel. So keep interacting in a positive way with your audience.

Keep in mind that people might not take any action with your business until the 10th time they see you, so the more engagement and interaction you get, the better. Eventually they’ll take action and order, book or join!

Download our bundle of done-for-you engagement posts to get you started. If you want to create your own, here are some ideas:

  • which one . . . . (create a choice of most hated chores or favorite holiday destinations)
  • this or that . . . (create a choice of two, such as coffee or tea or heels or sneakers)
  • would you rather . . . (create a choice or three equally bad choices for some fun)
  • what’s your recommendation . . . (ask for recommendations on products, or something completely unrelated)
  • what’s your favorite . . . (favorite product or range, or something unrelated like favorite chocolate indulgence)

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