10 Facebook Live Ideas for Direct Sellers

To maximize the effectiveness of your direct sales biz on Facebook, you need to do Facebook Lives.

The Facebook Algorithm massively favors Live video, which means that far more people will see it than a simple status update.

The Facebook Algorithm is a piece of software that decides what to show you in your newsfeed and in which order. Everybody’s newsfeed is completely different because the algorithm takes your own behavior as well as other bits of information into account.

When you open Facebook, the algorithm looks at all the stories posted by your friends and by the pages that you follow. The algorithm then looks at things like who posted the story and how often they publish, any negative feedback on that author, what time it is now, what device you’re on, what engagement stories already have, because the more engagement they have the more likely it is that you’ll see it in your feed.

The Facebook algorithm uses all that information (and then some) to make a prediction on what you’ll like and in what order to show you that.

How do you get the algorithm to like you? There are some general recommendations:

  • Complete your Facebook profile.
  • Publish regularly.
  • Create content likely to elicit positive feedback from your audience (positive comments, likes, or reactions. Reactions affect post ranking slightly more than likes). But do not ask for shares or likes – this is frowned upon by the algorithm.
  • When you want to post a video use Facebook Live or upload videos to Facebook directly, instead of linking to your YouTube videos.
  • Publish content that promotes engagement and an investment of time from your audience (games and video content is great for that).
  • Post content that’s informative and shareable.

Not just the algorithm, but people also value Live videos. Through a Live, it’s easier to feel connected to you as you’re showing your personality and passion.

It’s one of the best things you can add to your social media strategy – and it’s free!

I have noticed that many consultants don’t know what to talk about on a Facebook Live, or they are out of ideas after a couple of videos.

So in this article, I want to help you with some ideas that you can use on your Facebook page or in your Group.

Facebook Live Ideas for your direct sales biz

1: Unboxing
This is a video where you can show your passion and excitement about the product. It hops on the bandwagon of the ‘blind bag hauls’ and unboxing craze that’s still popular on YouTube.

If you’re brand new to your direct sales business, you can give your biz a boost by unboxing your kit on a Live.

If you’ve been in direct sales a bit longer, you can do an unboxing when you get a delivery with new products or when you’ve earned free delivered products.

2: New Range First Impressions

People love new products. When you get a new range for your kit, get excited, do a Live review, and share your initial reactions. Tell your audience who you think this product would be suitable for and any other information you think they’ll want to hear.

You can extend this with a follow-up Live a week later with further observations on the products and how you’re using them and finding them longer term.

3: Product Reviews

Choose one particular product and talk about your personal experience with it. Then, if you can, plan to do a weekly review at a regular time to build a consistent audience.

Perhaps you can even theme your reviews per month. For example, for one month, you could review concealers or mascaras. Other topics could be how to use throw rugs, the best cupcake recipes, etc.

You can even link a product give-away for attending (or watching the replay) of your Facebook Live. During the Live, you give them a code word to collect, and at the end of the month, everyone who collected all the code words will go into the draw for a prize.

4: Share Your Story

Talk about why you joined and what you love about your direct sales business. This is great ‘attraction marketing‘, and it also helps people get to know you better. Sharing your own story helps people to feel a stronger connection with you.

5: Behind the Scenes

People are fascinated by the inner workings of a business and love to peek behind the scenes. You can go Live while setting up for a party when you pack customer orders and when deliveries are ready to go. You could tour your messy office when unpacking deliveries, etc.

You don’t have to go Live long. But, a quick, exciting, or funny video will go a long way in building that connection with your Facebook tribe.

6: From an Event

Next time you attend a big company event, a team meeting or a training session make sure you go Live. A quick Live video before or after the event (or even during the break) is a great way to show off your direct sales business from a different angle.

7: Exciting Reveals

When there’s a new special, a host or customer special run a Live. Your enthusiasm and excitement will be contagious. Don’t forget, you can also create your incentives for party bookings or joining your team.

8: Top Tips & Product Hacks

Offering your tips on making the most of a product will be appreciated by your tribe. This is not a review but more of an educational video. Videos on how to use a product in an unexpected way (a hack) are very popular online.

9: Tell Stories

Have you ever heard the saying ‘facts tell but stories sell’? It applies to your Facebook Lives too.

The back story about how a product is made, where it’s from, or some specific ingredients is a great way to talk about your products without being salesy. You can also talk about your company, the founder or some of its history.

10: Interview a Customer or a Team Mate

If you have a customer who’s achieved great results with a product you sell, they might be happy to talk about it in an interview. This is a very powerful testimonial.

You can also focus on the business side and interview a teammate who can talk about how the business changed their life.

When you start with Lives, you might find that your audience is small. That’s okay. The replay will still be available and rank high. (Also, you can re-use suitable videos in your Facebook parties – bonus!)

If you’re consistent in showing up Live, you will build your audience over time.

If you want some help on what to post in other than Lives, download our huge list with 50 ideas for social media for direct sellers!

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