Using Jigsaw Puzzles as Facebook Games

Title: Using Jigsaw Puzzles as Facebook Games

During the Pandemic we’ve apparently all turned to jigsaw puzzles to distract ourselves and keep ourselves occupied – sales have been through the roof in the US, Australia and the UK.

Jigsaw puzzles are super satisfying to do. It’s something simple (sticking pieces together) that does require a bit of concentration with the reward of a completed picture at the end.

As direct sellers and party plan consultants we can hop on this trend with our own online jigsaw puzzles to create some fun and engagement in a Facebook party.

There are plenty of online puzzle making sites, but my favorite is because it doesn’t require you to sign up at all, it’s free and it’s super easy to share your puzzles.

So how do you use an online jigsaw puzzle as a direct seller? Keep reading…

How to make the most of a jigsaw puzzle in a Facebook Party

The puzzle is meant to create engagement in your Facebook party (or even in your Facebook group if it’s a bit stale). So you need to give people a reason to play along. A chocolate prize, a discount, or free product are all suitable prizes for your game.

A puzzle created for the Party Games for Direct Sellers bundle

In your Facebook party you post a link to the puzzle and ask your guests to solve it. Ask them to post a screenshot when they’re finished.

You can give a prize to the first one to solve it, or do a prize draw among everybody who posted a screenshot or give a prize to the first three people who posted their screenshot. It’s up to you how you want to reward people and what prize you want to use.

Pinterest: Use an online jigsaw as a clever game in your Facebook party

I recommend you create a jigsaw puzzle with an image that promotes either a party booking or your business opportunity to make the best use of this game.

You can grab a picture from your company or create your own image or photo.


  • A photo of the starter kit contents
  • A photo of host rewards
  • A promotional image that promotes joining the business
  • A photo that promotes a party theme

Make sure you choose a photo that doesn’t have too much empty space (too frustrating to solve) or too much text (hard to solve, hard to read).

Don’t forget to test your puzzle to see if it’s not too hard and not too easy but just right.

Then use it in your next Facebook party and have a play!

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