Using Samples to Boost Your Direct Sales Biz

If you sell a consumable product in your direct sales business, sampling is a fantastic way to grow your direct sales business.

According to GCI Magazine, the objective of sampling is to enhance your customers’ experience and increase loyalty. Providing product samples allows your customers to try different products and create an opportunity for customer care calls to gain feedback and stay in touch.

Pyschologists have shown that people who receive free samples are more likely to buy the products and become loyal customers. Giving out samples helps you to:

  • Raise awareness: 60% of customers were not aware of a product before receiving a sample.
  • Increase purchase intent: 92% of people say they will buy a product if they like it after receiving a sample.

How to Maximize the Sample Opportunity as a Direct Seller

Whenever you give a sample, always ask permission to follow-up with the customer in a few days to find out how they found the product. Make sure you jot down their details and book a follow-up call when you give them the sample. At the very least, give them your details and ask them to provide feedback.

Sampling is a great opportunity for follow-up contact, so don’t squander it! (If you find following-up difficult, check out this article for some tips)

Avoid offering a sample too early in the conversation. You want to make sure they don’t already have the intention to purchase the product you want to encourage them to try. Making a sale on the spot is always the first preference.

Try to offer a sample that complements the other products they have where possible, they might just love the entire range!

Sampling also works well when an entirely new product or range is released. Remember that figure above? 92% Of people say they’ll buy a product if they liked the sample!

What to say when giving a sample

If you find it hard to find the words to secure that follow-up, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Let’s chat briefly in a few days so you can give me feedback on this product.
  • Let’s book in a follow-up consultation to see how you’re going with this neproduct….is an evening or weekend better for you?
  • The sample I’ll leave you with today compliments your purchase wonderfully. I’ll touch base in a few days to see how you’re finding using the these together and to see if you have any questions.
  • I’d like to give you a super quick call in a few days about the product. It’s brand new so I’m so curious to know what you think of it!

Top Sampling Tips

How to make the most of sampling in your direct sales biz

If your direct sales company doesn’t offer samples, it’s easy to create your own. Jump online and do a quick search for sample pots or sample sachets. There are a lot of affordable options out there.

If you want to fancy it up, you can even order your own stickers and labels to make it look professional. Remember to put your contact details on them!

Keep a log of who you’ve given samples to. It’ll help you when it comes to follow-up too!

Always keep some samples with you so you can make new connections and create new leads when an opportunity arises.

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