How to coach teamies on getting bookings

If you’ve sponsored any team members into your direct sales business, you will definitely hear this: “I can’t get any bookings!” or “I’ve asked everyone and no one wants a party….

It can be tricky to respond well to these types of concerns from your team members. But I’ve got you covered today with some ideas and a cheat sheet that you can use when coaching your teamies.

Who and How to Ask

Sometimes people new to direct sales assume that one Facebook post is enough to get parties rolling in. You’ll have to break the news to them that putting up a post saying “I’ve started with XYZ company, let me know if you want a party” isn’t the same as ‘asking everyone’.

Perhaps you can guide them to use the FRANK worksheet to make a list of who to ask. Then help them to find some wording they can use to actually ask people personally, which can be face-to-face, phone, text message, or a personal Facebook message.

Another common problem lies in the way people ask for a booking. Newbies, when they mention their new direct sales business, often say something like “Let me know if you’d like a party or want me to send you the catalog…” And then they’re disappointed with the lack of interest in their biz.

Instead, teach them this clever strategy to get those early bookings:

Keep their business rolling

Once your team member has a couple of parties booked, the next step is to help them to get more bookings from those parties. Because that will keep their business rolling.

And I’ve got 2 great articles packed full of ideas on how to do that:

What to ask in your coaching calls

When you talk to your new team members, concerns about bookings (or lack thereof) will be very common. So it’s helpful for you to have a few questions ready to help you to coach them.

Here are a couple of helpful questions and statements, grab the complete Cheat Sheet by filling in the form below.

Coach your direct sales team on getting bookings
  • What have you tried this week?
  • Tell me what you are doing to get bookings?
  • Who exactly have you asked so far?
  • How do you ask? What words do you use?
  • What did they say when you asked them?
  • How many parties are you aiming for per week?
  • How would you rate the amount of fun your guests are having on a scale from 1-10?

By asking these questions you don’t just drill down to what the problem is so you can be of better help to them. You are also teaching them to evaluate their performance and adjust what they are doing if it isn’t working. You can then help them to brainstorm new things to try!

Grab the complete Cheat Sheet below with even more questions and teaching points you can use with your team members.

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