5 Ways to Keep Yourself On Track

Title: 5 Ways to Keep Yourself On Track when striving for an incentive trip

It can be hard to keep yourself on track when you’re trying to qualify for an incentive trip with your direct sales company.

The qualification period for most incentive trips is usually run across several months and sometimes up to a full year. It’s easy then to lose motivation and lose track of how you’re going towards your goal.

The key to achieving major goals like that is maintaining focus in your direct sales business over a lengthy period. And that’s not always easy!

I’ve qualified for more than 18 international incentive trips, so I have some tips that I use myself and I want to share with you:

1 Break it Down
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

You need to break down that big, overwhelming target into bite-sized chunks. Start by dividing it into monthly amounts and then break it down into weekly targets. That way you’ll know exactly what you need to do each week to qualify eventually. It gives you manageable targets and from there you can plan your actions

2 Celebrate the Small Wins
Once you know what your monthly and weekly targets are in your party plan business, you can celebrate your success along the way. When you’re on track for the week, make sure you plan a mini celebration or treat yourself. Because when you celebrate your successes, you train your brain to create more success. Check the Moët Moments article for more on this. This might not seem worthy to be my number 2 tip, but don’t underestimate the power of this!

Rocket Ship Printable for Direct Sellers

3 Rocket to Your Goal 
It’s also important to track your progress in a visual way. I have always used a “goal rocket” printable to track my success. It’s a picture of a rocket ship that I can color in when I achieve certain amounts and see in one glance my progress towards a goal. It’s so satisfying to color in another band after a party or two! Grab the rocket ship from the Maximize Holiday Trade article.

4 Follow Your Vision
There’s a remarkable amount of science and a massive volume of proof behind the importance of visual representation of our goals. Creating a goal or vision board is a vital element of your success.

Elizabeth Rider wrote in the Huffington Post: “When you create a vision board and place it in a space where you see it often, you essentially end up doing short visualisation exercises throughout the day.”

We know that visualization works. And to really boost the power of your vision board, it helps to imagine how you’ll feel when you achieve that goal, not just the goal itself.

Vision boards can be traditional cork boards in your study or a digital version which you then set-up as your screensaver or wallpaper so you see it regularly. With a free collage app you can quickly create a fab vision board for yourself and do those mini-visualizations throughout your day.

More on vision boards in this article.

5 Hack Your Brain for Better Results

Vision boards are great – I have one in my office and I encourage you to create one too – but Positive Prime is taking the idea of vision boards to the next level!

It’s an app that’s based on the latest research into neuroscience and positive psychology and is a powerful tool to help you focus on your goals and stay motivated. So it’s the perfect app to help you strive for that big goal!

Positive Prime offers a selection of ‘mind movies’….it’s like Netflix for your brain. You can start for free but I recommend getting the paid subscription because you can personalize the content – making you star of the show! That massively amplifies the effectiveness and your emotional engagement with the sessions.

Read more here.

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BONUS TIP: Accountability Buddy
Here’s a bonus tip: pair up with someone who is at a similar stage in their business as you are. When you work with someone who is also striving for the same incentive trip, you can keep each other accountable, be there for each other when one of you isn’t feeling motivated, and share progress.

You want to touch base regularly, perhaps fortnightly or weekly, to share progress, ideas, celebrate wins, and encourage each other. In these chats you also report the actions you’ve done to reach your goal that week.

And you’ll find that you don’t want to say you’ve done nothing that week to reach your goal, you want to report in with good news. So having that accountability buddy helps you to stay on track!

I’ve seen quite a few accountability buddies grow into great friendships!

Finally, remember to believe in yourself: you’ve got this, beautiful!

Please share your goals, your strategies and your successes in the comments or with the Facebook tribe.

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