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Title Tile: How to use urgency in your recruiting efforts

Deadlines….finish dates….due dates…. have you ever noticed that when something is due or about to end there’s a mad rush for it?

Most people don’t take real action on something until they absolutely have to.

I know that I always leave things until the last day.

Sending notes with the kids to school? Last day.

Pick up that essential item while a sale is on? Last day.

Writing this blog post before Tuesday? Last day.

I see the same thing happening in my direct sales business. When a special offer is about to end I get all those last-minute orders (and of course, I can encourage that a little with some clever texting or emailing ).

When there is a joining offer for people to join the business, the day with the most sign-ups is always the last one!

So why does this happen? There are several theories related to a general tendency towards procrastination in us humans. But really, we don’t need to know why it happens to make use of this phenomenon.

Joining Offers for your direct sales biz

If a potential new team member has an unlimited period of time to make a decision, they’ll put it off and procrastinate. And the longer they put off making a decision, the less likely they are to join the business.

It’s easier to do nothing than to take action.

So having a joining offer will push people to make that decision by a certain date. That’s why I love joining offers, it puts gentle pressure on people to take the time now to consider the offer and make a decision on it one way or the other.

When the company doesn’t have a joining offer going, I’ll create my own. Having a joining offer not only gives people a little push to make a decision sooner, it also gives me a reason to follow up with them as the deadline approaches.

Just a casual call or message with a reminder of the deadline & the offer and you can ask how they’re feeling about it. Nothing pushy, nothing complicated, just a chat because the deadline is running out.

I usually set my deadlines for about a week away to prevent procrastination and set a reminder in my diary to follow-up.

There’s one more bonus to joining offers: it gives you a reason to talk about joining your biz on your social media. You can do a Live to announce your offer, post beautiful images of the joining offer, or even organize an online event (more on that here).

Do you have leads on the fence?

So what do I offer? Sometimes I offer additional free products to build their kit, other times I’ve offered company stationary or other company items to help them with their new business. I’ve even done a cash back offer.

If you have a few people that have indicated they might be interested in joining but they’re ‘sitting on the fence’, get them off the fence with your own joining offer.

And if you don’t have any leads at the moment, have a think about your own joining offer so that you’re ready when you do find a possible new team member.

I’m very curious to know what you offer and how it’s worked for you. Leave me a comment below.

Key Takeaways

  • A deadline puts gentle pressure on people to take action
  • If your company doesn’t have a joining offer, you can create your own
  • Put your deadlines about 7 days away to prevent procrastination
  • Always follow-up just before the deadline expires
  • Use your joining offer to promote your biz on social media

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