Host Coaching for Online Parties

Host Coaching for Online Direct Sales Parties

So many direct sellers and party plan consultants promote their virtual event as the ‘easy‘ option. They say their hosts ‘don’t have to do anything‘ to host a party online.


They do have to do something.

Sure, they don’t have to tidy up before the party, they don’t have to buy snacks and drinks and that does make it easier to have an online party.

However, they do have to be your partner in helping to make the online party a success, perhaps even more so than with an in-home party.

Below you’ll find my host coaching tips to have fabulous direct sales parties.

I’ve also put them together on a checklist that will make it easy for you to plan your online party and check where you are up to in the host coaching process – that’s especially handy if you have a few party bookings at the same time. I’ve also included the ‘Gold Star Gift’ incentive in a few different varieties, ready to send to your hostess.

Host Coaching Tips for a Successful Online Direct Sales Party

Thank the Host
Immediately after the host books a party with you, send a thank-you card in the mail. Yep, the old fashioned ‘snail mail’. We don’t get many cards or letters in the mail anymore (these days all I get in the mailbox is bills), so you’ll definitely stand out.

The thank-you card also acts as a reminder of the date and time and the reason they wanted the party in the first place (to relax, to celebrate, to get together, etc.) and the theme. This will make the whole experience with you memorable and will help you build a relationship with the host.

Create an Invitation
Use Canva or Picmonkey to create a nice invitation image that your host can easily forward to her friends with all the details about the party. If you’re using a Facebook Group to party, this can also act as the first ‘warning’ that the host will be inviting them to the group. It’s the first step in getting guests to attend.

Host coaching for online parties with free downloadables.

Host Incentive
There are several ways you can incentivize your host to help you make the party a great success. The ‘Gold Star Gift‘ (download below) includes 5 activities that will benefit the party and if the host completes all 5, she receives a special gift from you. For the gifts I use products I’ve qualified for cheaply or free in my business. If the host isn’t local I make sure it’s easy to send in the mail, but do make sure it’s a desirable gift that your host wants to work for.

Do The Actual Coaching
Many direct sellers are so caught up in sending their host invitations and host incentives, that they forget to actually talk to their host and explain how they can help and why they want to do that.

You can do the ‘coaching’ bit in several ways, you can have a chat on the phone or via video call. Don’t make it too long or make it all sound like a lot of work for her, just a quick and positive chat that helps her to understand what you want and builds some excitement.

Another option is to create a short video that highlights the important bits she needs to do (personal invites, invite people from different networks, reminders, participate and be very present in the party). Once you’ve created the video you can easily use it again and again. You can host the video on YouTube and make it ‘unlisted’ and then send the host the link so you don’t have to transmit large video files.

The least desirable option is an email or message in which you explain her part in the success of the party. Most people don’t read or only skim read emails and messages – I’m just as guilty of that as anybody else.
And as a summary, you can send the ‘Hostess Tips for Online Parties‘ printable that you can download along with the checklist and the Gold Star Gift images.

Using the FRANK worksheet, you can help the host to invite people from different areas of her life. Check the article on ‘Host Coaching Helpers‘ to learn how to use FRANK and why you want this. It’s just as important in virtual parties as it is with in-home parties.

Always keep in mind that the more you engage the host, the more successful your parties will be. Not to mention, building a relationship with your host and having a great party makes it more likely she’ll book again at a later date.

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