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Hello beautiful! I’m so glad you’re here …

I’m sure you already know that a direct selling business is the best business to have.

It’s the most flexible business you could ever run. It can be as small and easy as you need it to be or as big and as bold as you are.

You can work around your family, jobs, caring duties, or other commitments.

You can earn some cash to splurge on shoes or you can build an empire.

I’ve built my small hobby into a side hustle then into my main hustle.

After 16 years in the direct sales field, I now have a passion to help other women to build exactly the kind of party plan business they dream of.

So, please explore, dip into all the free content that I’ve got here.

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Go for your dreams!

Christine has a wealth of knowledge in the direct sales industry. I always walk away from her training sessions and coaching inspired and motivated to try new things in my business.

Rebecca Croxford, Independent Jamberry Consultant

With Christine’s support and cheerleading I have reached goals that have been life changing, including leadership and glamorous overseas travel. 

Angela Lloyd, The Body Shop At Home

Christine is a Mumpreneur! A stay at home mum herself, with 3 kids. She has proven to me that anyone can achieve what she has when you put your mind to it. She is the perfect mentor to have in your life, motivating, encouraging, but most importantly, she’s tried and tested everything herself!

Kerry Brownell, Independent Brand Partner Nerium

I’m Christine Tylee and I’m passionate about the Direct Selling Industry. I would love to share what I’ve learned over my 15 years in the Industry with you.

My goal is to help you achieve the success you dream about! You’ll find a wealth of information on this page to inspire you to build your business and we’re adding more every week.

Go for your dreams! I’m here to guide you.

Notes to My Younger Sel
Notes to My Younger Self – Volume 2

I’m one of the 18 women who have contributed to the book “Notes To My Younger Self – Volume 2”. The stories are amazing and uplifting. This is definitely a book to put on your inspirational reading list! Check it out here.

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