My Top 6 Apps

My Top 6 AppsAs I’m writing this in late 2017, this is my favorite list of apps. Next year, I’ll probably discover new apps and services that I simply must have. But right now, these are my top apps and I use them all the time for my business and I thought I’d share it with you.

  • Fundometer
    This app helps you to track sales goals for yourself and your team. I particularly love to use it when I’m tracking my progress towards an incentive trip or an iWish goal. It is so satisfying to update it and see that you’re getting closer to your goals. The app is free and is great for visual people as it provides visual stimulation and a progress meter.
  • iWish
    This is a free bucket list app with a raft of ideas for you. It’s a great app if you know that you want to do things and make memories but you are unsure of what those things are exactly. By making your bucket list you know what you’re working so hard for. It’s a great help to keep you motivated, especially because you get to move things from your iWish list to your iDid list as you’ve achieved them. The only thing that iWish (you see what I did there?) is that they had used the word “goal” rather than “wish”. Wishes are things that you hope for while goals are things that you make happen. But I guess iGoal isn’t such a catchy app name.
  • Shuffle
    Shuffle Screenshot
    I just love Shuffle. It is an app that helps you with host preparation. It will help you to get more pre-party orders. It will provide all the info that potential recruits need. It will help you to communicate with your team. It is pure awesomeness that you send to people’s phones. For more information on Shuffle, check out this article .Shuffle is a paid app but you won’t regret paying for one minute!
  • Canva
    This is the online graphics maker that you didn’t know you needed. The free option is so good that most people get away without paying for advanced functionality! Canva lets you quickly and easily make images for social media and printables to help you boost your business. Canva has various sizes all ready for you to go for Facebook event covers, A4 worksheets, Pinterest graphics, ebook covers, and just about anything else you can think of. Never made graphics before? No worries. Canva provides free layouts ready to go. All you need to do is change the text to say what you want it to say. If you want you can change the colors, add a photo or icon….but the free layouts look so good that you don’t really need to.
  •  Cinchshare
    If you find that you’re spending too much time working on your social media posts this is the app you need! Cinchshare allows you to schedule posts for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Cinchshare ScreenshotIt has some great features especially for direct sales heroes like you. I use it to schedule posts to my Facebook team groups, my business social media, and Facebook parties and events. It helps you to maintain a consistent posting schedule, no matter what else you have going on in your life! It is cheap to use and worth every cent!
  • Headspace
    Meditating? For business? Oh yes! Headspace is particularly good for beginner meditators as it guides you through a series of training sessions. And there are a bunch of sessions to choose from for quick 2 minute meditations right up to more advanced and longer options. I usually do a 10 minute session and I find it gives me clarity and focus. Meditation has been found to reduce stress, improve concentration, increase happiness, slows aging and is great for immune and cardiovascular health. Who doesn’t want that?I’m very goal oriented so I love that this app keeps track of my meditations and gives you merit badges. Yes, I love achieving badges. The app is free with plenty of options but you can purchase more functionality too.

These are the six services and apps I use almost every day at the moment. Are there any apps that you can’t live without in your direct sales or party plan business?

I’d love to hear your top 6!

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