Who Are You Spending Your Time With?

Several years ago, I came across a concept by Jim Rohn that you are the average of the five people with who you spend the most time. And I’ve kept that in mind as I’ve built a $20 million global direct sales business.

More recent research suggests it spans more expansive than just your five closest contacts. Scientists now believe that you’re the average of ALL the people surrounding you.

Positive Psychologist Shawn Achor believes that positive people provide energy. So surrounding yourself with positive people is like giving yourself a flu shot against negativity and apathy. Positive people help to empower you and move you forward.

It’s crucial to find positive influences in your life who help push you out of your comfort zone and help you grow. If you don’t currently have that in your life, you’ll want to look for it. Think about joining a new club, starting a volunteer role, or taking up a new hobby to surround yourself with new positive influences.

“My influences shifted, and the trajectory of my whole life changed!”

Twenty years ago, at the start of my career, I was anxious and lacked confidence. I joined a local Toastmasters club where I was supported, encouraged and surrounded by other people wanting to improve themselves too. The ‘norm’ in the club differed from friends spending their time in pubs. My influences shifted, and the trajectory of my whole life changed!

What if your environment is quite negative?

What if you don’t have enough positive energizers in your life or if some of the people closest to you are negative influences or energy drainers?

The good news is that you can impact your average through the books you read, the podcasts you listen to and the videos you watch. Spending time-consuming quality content from positive influences can make a massive difference. 

So who do you want to spend more time with this week? I encourage you to find a club to join, a podcast to listen to, or a YouTube channel to follow that feeds your positivity and makes you feel energized and empowered.

The people around us shape our traits – so this is a crucial aspect of the success of your direct sales business!

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