The life-changing magic of positivity in your direct sales biz

The life-changing magic of positivity in your direct sales business

Your attitude is a powerful force in your life.

It can affect your work, your mental health, your happiness, and it affects the people you meet!

The question is, do you have a positive attitude towards your direct sales business or a negative one?

Positive thoughts are invigorating and energizing. A positive attitude attracts people, while a negative attitude repels them. Think carefully about what you’re focusing on, because what you focus on grows.

Have you ever heard the saying

“where your attention goes, your energy flows”?

If you’re constantly saying to yourself: “I can’t recruit or I’m dreadful at getting bookings” you’re putting your attention on the negative. And that means that your energy is going there too…is that what you want?

The life-changing magic of positivity in your direct sales business.

The power of choosing to focus on the positive in your party plan business is massive.

When I changed the message in my head from “I can’t recruit!” to “How can I learn to recruit?” I went from 0 recruits to national recruiting champion in my company!

Postivity was super important in 2016 when my then 6 year old daughter was battling leukemia, I used gratitude for my business as my grounding platform for positivity. (My daughter is okay now, but it’s been quite a battle!)

I made a choice to have a positive attitude because I know that it’s up to me to decide whether the glass is half full or half empty.

Tips to be more positive

I’ve got a few tips for you to help you develop a more positive attitude. It all starts with a decision though: decide that you want to have a positive attitude. Then implement these tips.

  • Use Positive Prime every day. This app is a new technology that is scientifically proven to boost your mood & program your unconscious mind. A 3-minute session in the morning can give you a positivity boost for up to 8 hours! I love this tool to help me focus on my personal and business goals and it helps me to stay positive and focused. Read more here and click through to the app here.
  • Monitor your self-talk. Catch yourself when you’re thinking negative and unhelpful thoughts about your direct sales business. The best resource I’ve found to help re-train my brain and take positive action is The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. If you haven’t read it yet, stick it on your reading list right now (or find her on YouTube, she’s got tons of helpful videos)!
  • Think about how you can turn your self-defeating negative statements about your business around. Instead of “I can’t…” ask yourself “How can I…?” Fears like “I’m not going to get paid this month” can be changed to “What can I do to get paid this month?” Your subconscious mind will help you to come up with solutions when you ask the question. So instead of getting stuck in a negative thought spiral, change your attitude to a solution-focused mood.
  • Limit your exposure to negativity in others. I’ve witnessed the devastation that a few negative people can have on a team or organization. Negativity is contagious – avoid it at all costs. So take yourself out of negative message threads, consider how much news you’re watching, unfollow negative pages on Facebook and stop hanging out with friends who pick on everything and everyone.
  • Write something you love about your direct sales business every day. This will help you to re-focus on the positives. It’s kind of like a gratitude journal. You can also write about how much progress you’re making on the thing you want to improve (recruiting, bookings, or sales for example).
  • Surround yourself with positivity. Use a vision board, set your screensavers to something that inspires you, watch inspirational videos, or read uplifting books. Fill out the form below to grab a free inspirational quote movie. You play a little game with yourself every day and see what new inspirational quote the universe wants you to see.
  • Join a positive community. Join a business Facebook group or a group dedicated to positive inspiration. Definitely join Direct Sales Inspiration on Facebook – I’ve got positive quotes, tips, and encouragement for you!

If you need any more reasons to make a deliberate choice to focus on positivity, science has got you covered. Studies show that a positive attitude slows aging, contributes to health, helps you to deal with stress better and has a positive effect on everyone you meet.


Make a positive change today and choose to focus on the positive in your life and your direct sales business.

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