How to overcome: I don’t have time

When a lead thinks they can't fit #DirectSelling into their lives, this is how you can respond.

This is part 3 in the “How to Overcome” series that delves into how to deal with objections when you’re recruiting in your direct sales business.

Many people would like to join a direct sales business but they believe they don’t have the time.

This is almost a bit funny to me, because I have found my direct sales business incredibly flexible.

I have been able to work around a full-time job before direct sales became my primary career. I have been able to work it around my children when they came along. And more recently I managed to run my business from my daughter’s hospital room when she was desperately ill.

Many successful consultants have found that they absolutely can work a direct sales business around their life’s circumstances. But it does take a little thought and pre-planning.

For this week’s article, I have conducted 3 interviews with fabulous women in the direct sales industry to ask them how they juggle their family, work, and newborns and their direct selling business.

You can use these stories as examples when you talk to leads, or even show them the videos. You can also use the fabulous tips and ideas for your own business.

In the first interview I talk to the lovely Sarah Snowdon who tells us how she prepared for having her second child and is now juggling her business around a new bub and a toddler.

In this second interview I talk to the amazing Rebecca Croxford. She runs a direct sales business, has a job, runs her own counselling practice and has a young family including a new-born and a child with special needs. Phew!

And last but not least, I talk to the gorgeous Rhiannon Jordan who was pregnant at the time of interview and talks about preparing her own personal business and team business for some time off.

You can use these wonderful stories and tips in your own business, in your team, and of course when you’re talking to a potential recruit and they tell you they don’t have the time to join your biz.

The direct sales industry is so wonderfully flexible and there are so many ways of running a biz. Perhaps you can start a conversation in your team Facebook group to some examples. You’ll find that how much time people spend and how they run their biz and fit it in their life is very different form consultant to consultant.

Once you have some different examples, you can share that with people who wonder how to fit it in their own life.

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