How to overcome: I can’t speak in front of people

When your sponsoring lead says they're not confident like's how to respond.

This is the final part in the “How to Overcome” series that delves into how to deal with common objections when you’re talking to potential new team members.

“I can’t speak in front of people like you do…”

Some recruiting leads don’t think they can be as confident and happy to speak to groups of people as you are. They’ll tell you that they are too shy or introverted to speak in front of other people.

You can reassure these leads that there are several ways to deal with being nervous as a consultant or party plan representative. And of course, you can also reassure them that with practice, they will gain confidence.

Perhaps you can share your own experiences of gaining confidence, share the tricks you used to help you through your first few parties. Or, if you never had any issues running a party, you can share this video below.

In this short 6-minute video, I share what happened before my very first party and some of the ways I dealt with the nerves and fears. You can use these tips with your lead or simply send them to this video!

Go for your recruiting dreams beautiful!

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