Why parties are vital to direct sales success

Title: Why parties are vital for your direct sales success

Ok, so I know this is somewhat controversial, but I’m a true believer that events of some sort are vital to your success in direct sales.

Parties are by far the easiest and fastest way to grow your business.

I don’t think it matters if the event is in-person or online, the important part is gathering a group of people together to have an experience with you.

Why parties matter so much to direct sales success

  • At a party, you have more exposure to more people who can be encouraged to book a party, to join your business and join your customer group. (Read more on how to do that here) Parties are far more time-efficient than trying to sell to individuals one by one. It’s the best way to make more money faster.
  • By focusing on parties you avoid ‘buyer fatigue’. There’s only a certain amount you can sell to a customer group. Even with a large and highly engaged group you will hit a limit. Customers in a group are also more likely to wait for the next sale or other great offer, it’s hard to sell in between offers!
  • By filling your diary with parties and events, you are less reliant on social media algorithms that you cannot control. If you solely rely on Facebook groups (and I know many direct sellers do), you can never be sure from day to day that your business is safe. Remember that you don’t ‘own’ or control that piece of online real estate, you have no say in what happens to it!
Why parties matter to direct sellers
  • You can increase the value of each customer to your business by offering parties or events with different themes. This helps to keep interest in booking with you high, which means you’ll get repeat bookings. You’ll find that you build lasting relationships with many of your hosts and customers. Read more on setting themes and get some ideas here.
  • At a party you can focus on different ranges of your product and you’ll be in a position to offer better education on them. This means that guests are more likely to buy and you’ll notice it increases loyalty and repeat orders from you.

If you want to see the benefits for yourself, set yourself a goal of booking 2 parties into your diary this month. Then aim to get more bookings from those parties and keep the momentum going!

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