Work smarter not harder in your direct sales biz

Title: How to work smarter not harder in your direct sales biz

Everyone is busy.

Most direct sellers do it as a side hustle and they are either working their biz around other work or family commitments. Or both.

Direct sales or party plan is absolutely ideal as a side hustle because it’s so flexible. It’s one of the reasons I love it so much!

But, because it’s not your main hustle you don’t have time to waste! You need to make sure that you’re investing your time wisely so you’re not just spinning your wheels but actually moving forward.

This means that how you spend your business time is vital. Have you ever heard of the Pareto Principle? This principle states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the efforts. This means that 80% of your efforts are not doing much for you at all!

When I first learned about this I was excited to work out which 20% of my tasks were producing the results because it would mean I could reduce the amount of time I spent on my business while at the same time growing it!

Things to stop doing in your direct sales biz

  • I stopped investing massive amounts of time studying the products. I decided that if a guest or customer wanted to know more than I could tell them, then I knew how to find out. I always got back to them and it turned into another opportunity to continue that relationship with the customer.
  • I also stopped investing lots of time in team members who were less active or less engaged. Instead I used my team to focus on my eager ‘rising stars‘ and getting new team members off to a great start instead.
  • I focused my activities on getting parties (online or in-home) rather than chasing individual orders. It’s so much more time efficient to see a group of people at once and gather a bunch of orders in one go. I used to feel like I was constantly chasing orders.

    If you need some ideas on how to get bookings, check this article so you can get off the individual order treadmill too.
  • I focused more of my time on finding new team members and supporting them to get their own business started. I realized that team growth would make the biggest impact on my long-term income and that the faster I recruited the faster my business would grow.
  • I started scheduling my social media posts in advance. I would sit down once a month to plan and schedule content for my business page, customer group and team group. I found that those monthly sessions were super productive and my content became more thought out and better planned too.

    This change stopped me running around through the week madly trying to think of something to post on Facebook. I love using Cinchshare for my scheduling, but you can use Facebook itself too.

I found that once I cut out ‘busy work’ – the tasks I used to do that didn’t really add to my bottom line – I could do more to grow my business. I used to spend hours preparing folders with product information or color-coding my customer files…. now I focus my time on the 20% of tasks that really build my business.

There is another key to working smarter not harder and that is consistency. Your business won’t progress if you only work on it randomly. You don’t have to dedicate lots of time (I hope that much is clear now) but it does help to be consistent for people to trust you with their business.

Now over to you. Let me know in the comments below what you’ve stopped doing in your business and what you’re focusing on instead.

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