Boost your booking behaviors

Do you want more bookings in your diary? Most direct sellers do, so I’m guessing you said ‘yes’ to that question.

If you’re not sure what to do to get more bookings or if you find yourself making a start on getting bookings but then fizzling out, I’ve got just the thing for you!

I’ve designed a series of practical actions that you can do that will lead to more bookings. I’ve called them ‘booking behaviors.’ Using the printable below, you can keep yourself accountable and set yourself a challenge to keep doing these booking behaviors month after month.

You want to be doing these actions consistently to keep your diary full. Because your business is growing with more parties, you’ll have more sales and opportunities to recruit or sponsor, your business is growing!

Your business will be in good shape if you do 100 of these booking behaviors in a month. So I want you to grab the printable worksheet below and see if you can reach that magic goal of 100 actions towards bookings this month.

What are booking behaviors?

Booking behaviors are the practical things you do that tend to lead to more bookings. These actions include:

  • Asking everyone at a party (individually) to book a party
  • Posting three catalogs each week to past hosts, good customers, friends
  • Mailing the guest or host offer to past hosts, good customers, or friends
  • Reading a chapter of a self-development or party-plan book each week (ideas here)
  • Revisiting your FRANK list (download here)
  • Posting quality content on your biz page or in your customer group (download ideas here)
  • Texting or phoning hosts that have postponed parties with a follow-up and new offers at the start of the month
  • Texting new guests offers to past good guests
  • Putting up a poster on community notice boards to promote your business
  • Using old catalogs with a personal note to letter drop in your neighborhood
  • Setting a booking incentive and promoting it at parties and your social media
  • Proposing a fundraiser for a local sports club or church
  • Attending a fair, expo, vendor event
  • Trading a party with a consultant from another party plan
  • Updating your referral vouchers
  • Creating a survey box
Boost your booking behaviors and keep yourself accountable in your direct sales biz with this FREE printable.

On the worksheet, you’ll also find some space to make notes or set goals and a space to write down some booking behaviors that are specific to your direct sales business.

You color in a square or add a tick or gold star every time you complete an action. It’s psychologically very satisfying and motivating to watch your chart fill up. Every time you record your success (completing an action), you get a little dopamine in your brain’s reward system. And this helps you to train your brain to keep doing these behaviors. This is how you train your brain for success.

There’s a lot of psychological accountability science backing the effectiveness of a practice like this. Add a reward for reaching the 100, and you’re on to a winner!

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