Recruiting Attitudes for Direct Sellers

5 Attitudes to adopt when you start recruiting in your direct sales biz

Recruiting is as much a mind game as it is something that you do. There are five things that need to be in place in you and your biz when it comes to recruiting:

  1. A belief in the business opportunity with your company
  2. Having a consistent business yourself
  3. A sense of fun and joy in your direct sales biz
  4. A focus on others
  5. A desire to learn and develop in your business

Let’s have a look at each of those and I’ll link to some helpful articles that can take you further in that particular area.

You believe in the business opportunity with your company

If you don’t really belief in what you’re selling, people will know at some level that you don’t actually belief in it.

Look around in your team and larger organization: How are others making the most of the business? What does your business mean to you? Have a good think about this and make sure you are firm in your own mind about what the business opportunity means to you.

On my ‘About‘ page I talk about what my direct sales business means to me and my family.

You have a consistent business yourself

You want to be able to get bookings and sales consistently in your own business. Not only does that set a great example as a consultant, you’ll also have gained confidence that this business works and you’ll be able to speak authentically on it.

As a direct seller with a consistent business, you’ll also be able to help your brand new team members get their own business started successfully.

This does not mean you should stop recruiting until you have this in place – but it does mean you should work deliberately towards a consistent business.

Here are some articles with useful tips:

You maintain a sense of fun and joy in your direct sales biz

If you don’t actually like what you’re doing, people will sense this! If you don’t enjoy your direct sales business, you will find it hard to stay motivated and achieve goals.

Make sure you don’t lose your enjoyment in the biz by trying new things, challenging yourself when you get bored and generally staying inspired.

Here are some articles that might help:

You focus on others

During the recruiting process it’s important to focus on the other person. Adopt an attitude of service: you’re not trying to lure them into your business for your own reasons, you’re offering them a fabulous and flexible business opportunity.

As leader you want to adopt that attitude of service towards your team members. Know that by helping your team to thrive, you will thrive.

I’ve got a few articles for you that talk about this a bit more:

You have a desire to learn and develop in your business

Being in business means that you’ll experience ups and downs. Dealing with this requires some resiliency and a deliberate effort to keep up your motivation.

As a direct seller, adopting these attitudes when you start recruiting is super helpful.

You’ll also find that as you grow in your business, you’ll be challenged in new and different ways. Learning how to deal with each new challenge is what helps you to grow as a business woman.

Some of the learning will be skills based – you might need to learn how to phrase your recruiting message. Some of the learning is mental and about coping with uncertainty or stress.

Taking the time to reflect on your business and where your current challenges are, will help you to seek out resources to help you grow.

Check these resources to take you further:

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