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Title: Do the 5 to keep recruiting aliveDo the 5 to keep recruiting alive

The number 5 is very important when it comes to recruiting or sponsoring in you direct sales or party plan business.

Why? There are 2 reasons:

5 Sponsoring Messages

How many times do you mention the career opportunity at your parties?

Research into learning and human behavior has found that people need to hear something 5 times before it sinks in!

Do you know what that means? If you only mention the business opportunity once in your direct selling party, the same guests would have to attend 5 of your parties before your recruiting message truly sinks in. Think about that for a moment….

You want to aim for at least 5 mentions (in different ways, you don’t want to sound like a broken record) throughout a party.

There’s another reason why the number 5 is important: there are 5 fundamentals that you need to have in place so you can become an effective recruiter or sponsor.

5 Sponsoring Fundamentals

    • Fill your diary with party bookings. If you’re worried about not getting enough party bookings, you’ll probably feel anxious about another consultant in your area. On the flip side, when you’re confident that you can always fill your diary with parties, you’ll be happy to sponsor a new team member!
      I’ve got some tips on how to keep your party bookings ticking over here and here.Boost your recruiting game with these tips for your direct selling business.
    • Think about how you can make sure your parties are always fun. You’ll attract more  people to your team if they see how much fun the parties are and how much fun you’re having.
    • What do you love about your company? The more passionate you are about what you sell,  the company values and the difference you can make in people’s lives, the easier it ill be to attract new team members.
    • Always keep in mind that people come to this industry for different reasons. People might be interested in joining your team for a completely different reason than yours. Make sure you talk about a variety of benefits of being a direct sales consultant. That way you can appeal to a range of people.

      The most common reasons people join a party plan or direct sales company are: to earn extra money, to make new friends, to learn new skills, to have fun, to qualify for discounted products, or flexibility to work around family or other commitments.

    • When talking to a potential new team member, always keep in mind how the business would work for them. Find the ways your business can add value to their life.

A tacky little catchphrase that I kept in mind when I was working to make recruiting a habit in my business was: “Do the 5 to keep recruiting alive”.  Feel free to steal it

Recruiting is a skill that you can learn!

Recruiting MasterclassRecruiting or sponsoring can be daunting… What do you say? How do you bring it up? When they show an interest, how do you follow up without being pushy?

In 8 Modules, the Recruiting Masterclass will teach what to say, what to display, what to play, how to find potential team members outside of parties, online recruiting events, how to overcome objections, how to warm up your leads and how to follow up!

Recruiting is a skill that you can learn, even if you think you don’t have it in you!

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