How to capitalize on Easter for your direct sales business

How to capitalize on easter for your direct sales business

Do you want to have an eggcelent Easter this year? (sorry, couldn’t resist a cheesy pun)

In this article I have 5 ideas for you to capitalize on Easter in your direct sales or party plan biz.

1. Booking Incentives

Create an Easter-themed booking incentive by adding some brightly colored Easter eggs with a product and/or a bottle of wine. Wrap this all up with a pretty ribbon and some cellophane. The trick to making booking incentives like this work for you is to make them look beautiful and enticing.

Offer these incentives to guests who book a party in April or in the week before Easter – whatever dates you want to highlight in your calendar. Adding some cute Easter eggs really adds to the visual appeal of your incentive and strengthens your seasonal theme.

Promote your Easter theme at parties and your social media.

2. Guessing Competition

This is a great little game that you can play in-home or online (or both).

Fill a jar with mini Easter eggs to create a guessing competition where people guess the number of eggs in the jar.

You can use this an icebreaker at your in-home parties by taking it along and putting it on your display. Also take a good photo of the jar and post it on your social media for an online competition in your customer group or on your business page.

You’ll need a prize for the winners and you can also give away the jar itself as a prize at your last in-home party (or online) before Easter.

3. Chocolate Games

How to make the most of Easter in your direct sales business. Read the 5 quick and easy tips!

Easter is a great opportunity to use a Chocolate theme in your parties. As you know I love themes – themes really help your parties to stand out and it will help you to get more bookings.

I have a fun chocolate game you can download here but I’ve also got a host coaching trick and chocolate game combination called “Chocolate Extravaganza” that you can read about here.

4. Facebook Tiles

If you’re running any Facebook parties in April, you’ll want to add some Easter-themed games to your parties. Also add some tiles to your business page and customer groups to add some seasonal fun and engagement.

Read this article on how to increase interaction and grab the free Easter-themed Facebook games.

5. Customer Love

Our aim with our direct sales businesses should be to be remarkable. And little things like having a bowl of Easter eggs at the ‘check-out’ at your parties makes you stand out.

I also like to pop in a few mini Easter eggs with my deliveries in the weeks leading up to Easter. Small thoughtful gestures like these make you remarkable!

Are you looking for more games to add to your stash? Check out the Ultimate Games Bundle for Direct Sellers. It comes with 26 done-for-you games for in-home and Facebook parties. Check it out now!

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